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Altez Building Inspections & Consultant Group will assist you in your next home, investment property and to build a new home with confidence.

Each of our inspection reports provides an extremely detailed analysis of the condition of the property with hundreds of photo. We are a team full of passionate and responsible building inspectors and we are definitely confident that through our inspection report, you will be able to understand the efforts and the attention to details of our inspection service. Each inspection is completed by our experienced registered inspectors in accordance with Australian Standards AS4349.1, AS4349.3 and Code of Conduct.

With our building knowledge and experience, we not only provide just Visual Inspection on the property. We have the most advanced technological equipment such as Laser Levelling and Thermal Imaging Sensor to assist us in our assessment to inspect the inaccessible areas that could not be performed with naked eyes alone. We promise to provide you with the most upfront inspection result and advises that you require for your next purchase. 

Our target is to coordinate each building inspection within 24 hours of being booked and the Digital PDF report emailed to you within 24 hours. Click here to read more about us

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We have reliable inspectors with Civil Engineering/Building Surveying Degree.


Our experienced inspectors adopted the latest cutting-edges technology for their inspections.



We provide a very competitive pricing for a full premium inspection service.


We assure you that you will be satisfied with our professional services from the start to the end



Comprehensive and easy to understand report emailed to you within 24 hours.


We cover a wide range of inspection services including all kind of building stages.

Building Inspections in  Melbourne

What Altez Building Inspections specialise in is helping you completely inspect your next new home, investment and to ensure you can make a purchase with complete confidence.

Our inspection reports helps in providing a head to toe analysis of the home or property you are planning to purchase. We do this with detailed descriptions of the problematic areas, visual proof of any damage or areas in need of improvement.  

With the help of Altezs inspections you can make sure you have : 

  • Reliable information regarding the inspected property 

  • Identified key hazardous spots in your property

  • Transparent and clear details regarding limitations of information  

  • A report that is easy and simple to read and comprehend

  • Reports that are delivered on time 

Our team of building inspectors come with many years of experience under their belt. So you can be sure you are in the right hands. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to investigating the possible weak links in the property you are planning to purchase (or sell). We know how important it is to make sure all the fine details are taken care of.  

Our attention and detail oriented methods help our team be one of the finest inspectors of property in the Melbourne areas. 

Each inspection is completed by our experienced registered inspectors in accordance with Australian Standards AS4349.1, AS4349.3 and Code of Conduct.

In addition to our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, we take the help of advanced technological equipment such as laser levelling and thermal image sensors to help in the assessment of the property.  The use of these machines help us do a thorough job of our inspection so we can catch things we normally wouldn’t. 

On completing our inspection, we provide quality advice that will help your process of purchase. We are very clear and upfront with our inspections to make sure that you don’t miss a thing before you make a large investment.  

Property Inspections In Melbourne

Our reports generally take a minimum of a 24 hour period to complete, and changes depending on the size of the property and the amount of damage there is. 

In these reports the areas of the house we cover are as follows: 

  • Rooves 

  • Building (External and Internal)

  • Flooring

  • Verandahs 

  • Plumbing and electrical

Our overall assessment allows for us to make accurate and backed up solutions and suggestions of where to go from the inspection. Our experienced inspectors know exactly what to look for and where. 

These inspections don’t just help in your property purchasing decision but play an important role before you sell as well. This helps you as a seller to understand the possible problem points early and fix it or mention it to a potential buyer before they request an inspection. This transparency during a sale process is always welcome and helps the industry. 

To arrange for a free quote, you can reach us through our website. Additionally, you can either email us at  or give us a call at 0499 899 890


ALTEZ is always ready to serve you with our best services. With more than 3000 houses inspected, we know what our clients want from our services. You'll be amazed by our quality and services.

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Do I really need an Inspection Service?

If you are ready to spend Hundreds of Thousands on a property, an inspection service should be the least of your concern.

Let's say It is almost mandatory to have an inspection service and a report for recording purpose and to avoid spending more than what it is worth. 

How many times have you heard from someone who after purchased a property, and realised it has major structural defects that require an immediate rectification that would cost them a fortune. Or a house that has already infested by termites and must be treated by pest experts. Coming from my personal experience, on countless times I have been asked to do an inspection on a property that has Already Inspected by Other Inspectors as they realise new crackings starting to surface on the building after moving in. Not many inspectors are as equipped as us. With the most advanced technological equipment, you do not need to hire other inspectors like plumbers to check for leaking, re-stumping experts, asbestos removal specialists, building surveyors, and other professionals from the different field as we can do it all. We provide more than just Visual Inspections. We offer a free thermal imaging tour for your house to find hidden defects and anomalies. We also offer a free laser levelling for every single habitable room of your house to find any uneven floor due to settlement or poor workmanship. And of course, we check more than hundreds of items on your property include the appliances, lightings, roof-void, sub-floor, exterior, interior, pest damage, and many more.

We have successfully assisted hundreds of our clients to pick their perfect homes and save a huge amount of money through bargains and negotiations with our inspection reports. And on top of our inspection services, we offer you a free consultation session so you can contact us either through phone call or emails for our advices.

The reason we offer a free consultation service on top of our inspection service is that because we care. Almost after every building inspection, our clients always come to us and ask "What Do You Think?" Give us 90 minutes to inspect the property and I will give you the most critical information you definitely want to know about your home. 

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