Dilapidation Report Melbourne

What is a dilapidation report and what is it used for?

When buying or selling a property, it’s very important to assess the present condition of the building. That is where a dilapidation survey or report comes in handy.

What is a dilapidation report?

Dilapidation reports refer to the detailed inspection of a building that provides information about any damage so that you are aware of the potential structural issues that may need to be addressed.

Dilapidation reports are often used:

  • When buying a property, to help assess the building’s condition and negotiate repairs with the seller
  • When selling a property, identify any necessary repairs that need to be carried out before putting the property on the market
  • When carrying out renovations or extensions, check if there is any damage that could be exacerbated by the work
  • To support an insurance claim if there are any damages or defects that may have contributed to the loss

Given the financial and safety implications that come with dilapidation reports, it is important to have one carried out by a professional surveyor or structural engineer before buying or selling a property. A thorough building inspection of your home ensures that all damages are identified and necessary repairs are carried out before moving forward with construction work, or before buying or selling any property. A building dilapidation report also serves as your record and allows you to keep track of your property and its condition over time. So if you are looking for a qualified building inspectors for a comprehensive Dilapidation Report Melbourne, get in touch us by calling us at 0499 899 890.

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We offer a complete dilapidation report Melbourne service

Altez Building Inspections is a leading provider of comprehensive dilapidation reports in Melbourne. Our team of expert inspectors will thoroughly assess your property to identify any damage and provide you with a detailed report outlining the necessary repairs.

On-site inspections

Our process starts with a visual inspection of every room and area of your property where we document and photograph any damage. Our building inspection expertise, combined with state-of-the-art technologies such as termite detectors, thermal cameras, laser levels, and moisture and humidity meters, ensure that we can get the most accurate picture of your property’s condition.

Risk management

Following the inspection, you will receive a comprehensive dilapidation report within 24 hours. The report outlines the extent of the damage located throughout the property. Our dilapidation reports come with recommendations, which are essential for risk management. You will know which actions or steps to take early on to protect your property and minimise the risk of structural damage before it happens.

At Altez Building Inspections, our team is made up of experienced engineers and property surveyors. Thus, you can be sure that you will have a thorough and accurate picture of your property. We provide premium property inspection services at competitive prices. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work – from start to finish!

Why you need a dilapidation report or dilapidation survey

There are many reasons why you may need a dilapidation report in Melbourne. But if there is any kind of construction work to be done on neighbouring properties, it is all the more necessary. That is because demolition and excavation works can cause damage to the structure or alterations to the land itself.

If your property is located close to a construction site, you may want to get a dilapidation report done before any work starts. This way, if ever your property is affected, you will not have a hard time when it comes to filing for compensation. You can also avoid disputes that last for months or years to come.

If you are a building owner planning to perform renovations or extensions, a dilapidation report may also be required by your insurance company. Thus, it is important to have the survey or report done by an independent and professional building inspector.

A dilapidation report can also serve as a guideline for builders and contractors. They can use the information in the report to estimate repair costs, determine the nature of any damage and identify safety issues.

Lastly, a dilapidation report can protect you against fraudulent claims in case of accidents or damage to your property during construction works.

comprehensive dilapidation report melbourne

What a dilapidation report or dilapidation survey covers

With regards to the property itself, a dilapidation survey is done for different kinds of structures. Our thorough visual inspection will cover the following areas:

  • Driveways
  • Street guttering
  • Footpaths
  • Nature strips
  • Yards
  • Fences
  • Neighboring houses
  • Roofs, gutters, downpipes
  • Water damage to floors, walls, ceilings
  • Brickworks, road surfaces
  • Cracks around plumbing fixtures
  • Loose or missing frames
  • Concrete or pavers
  • Any other relevant areas

At Altez Building Inspections, we make sure to focus on even the tiniest details so that your dilapidation report covers everything it needs to. You can trust that we will utilise our technical expertise to conduct the inspection and communicate our findings in a way that is easy for our customers to understand.


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