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A property inspection is essential if you’re buying a new property or building. For many, buying a property is a major investment, and you need to be able to be confident in your decision before you buy. Altez Property Inspections Melbourne can provide you with all the information you need to make a confident decision on your purchase with our comprehensive building inspection reports. Our building inspections cover every aspect of a property, mapping structural integrity, moisture and thermal abnormalities, pests, and anything else that could cause you problems in the future. A building inspection could save you thousands in repairs. Get a quote for a property inspection today.

Why Choose Altez Property Inspections Melbourne

Our building inspectors at Altez have more than a decade of experience behind them and have inspected more than 4000 properties across Melbourne. With advanced tools and processes we’ve streamlined the inspection process to quickly provide you with a comprehensive overview of the property you’re looking to purchase. We ensure a thorough inspection and a comprehensive property inspection report that helps you reach settlement with all the facts known to you. If you need to decide quickly, our building inspectors can get you the information you need to make that decision within 24 hours of your inspection. Additionally, it’s these streamlined processes that allow us to keep our prices competitive. Our building inspectors believe everyone deserves to have confidence in their home buying decisions. If you have any questions about our services, talk to our team today. We can provide a complete building inspection and pest inspection report for your peace of mind.

property inspections melbourne

Our Property Inspection Process

Our complete property inspections Melbourne process involves checking every part of the property you’re looking to purchase, from the roof to below the floors. We cover every potential problem that could cost you money in years to come, and everything you need to be aware of before buying the house. For a pre-purchase inspection, we recommend getting everything checked, as many problems can go undetected for years if not professionally checked.

Our thorough inspection services will allow you to enact the necessary rectifications with the builder or agent before you go ahead with your investment. A building inspection report can save you thousands if not tens of thousands in damages. A full inspection will ensure you’re not making any costly oversights. Our complete inspection process is four main steps:

Thermal Imaging and
Laser Levelling

With a thermal imaging camera, we can identify thermal anomalies that could indicate building defects or pests. Laser levels allow us to see if there are any warping or sinking floors or walls.

Visual Inspection

Through an initial visual inspection, we mark stains and cracks, and test appliances, lighting and other fittings. It also allows us to map out areas for further investigation.

Structural and
Construction Issues

We inspect the roof void and sub-floor areas for potential damage, structural issues and defects. These kinds of issues are important to note, as they can be very costly.

Report and Conclusion

Finally, all the information we’ve collected goes into a comprehensive report. Our inspectors can also give you advice on how to handle any issues, and provide you with more in-depth knowledge as to what certain information could mean for you.


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If you’re looking to buy a home, Altez can arm you with the information you need to make the best decision. We look to give you complete peace of mind when buying a home, and help you to be confident in your investment. For more information on our services or for a quote, contact us today on 0499 899 890.

Our building property inspections Melbourne services cover a full building inspection report that ensures everything is up to Australian building standards. If you’re looking for a building and pest inspection, there isn’t a better team of building inspectors to provide you with a detailed report.

We can also provide you with a sample report that will give you an overview of what you can expect. We can inspect all properties, commercial, residential and more. Contact Altez Property Inspections Melbourne today for prompt, professional building and pest inspections.