Dilapidation Report

Dilapidation Reports in Melbourne

Sourcing the right inspection agency to give you the best building dilapidation report is really half the job done.

But first, what is a building dilapidation report?

These reports ensure what the exact state of a property at any point in time. Our inspectors ensure that they are well documented and make clear and bring to notice any and all problems that should be mentioned prior to the sale or buying of a property. This is done at any scale and is done for any and all kinds of property to make sure of safety standards and regulations.

These reports are important for moving further on for any construction of any kind that is required to ensure that you will be able to notify and keep the council in the city in the loop about your plans for your property.

These reports are made to ensure any damages made during, before, after construction are recorded and kept track of to ensure the maximum safety within the property.

By taking the extra step to ensure that you don’t have to have trouble with your property at a later time will make sure you are ahead of the game.

Why Choose Altez for a Dilapidation Report?

Our expert inspectors take great care in preparing these reports for the client to ensure that everything about the property comes in a clear and definitive document with visuals to help understand the problem.

These reports are of great help to any engineer that might possibly work on your house. They keep the engineer aware of the houses weak spots and keep them informed about what to take are of when beginning the planning for construction.

  • Inspections are carried out by inspectors that follow the standard rules as provided by the Victorian state.
  • They are all carried out in compliance with AS4349. 1-2007
  • These reports cover existing structures of all exterior parts of a house adjacent to a house under construction. These help the council keep track if any damages are caused during construction.
  • The reports are made as detailed as possible and accompanied with pictures to make sure everything is clear.
  • Each defect is made a note of and numbered to keep track of
  • It is important to have this to defend any claims if made by a neighbour
  • The report is ultimately signed off before work commences.

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