Building and Pest Inspection Geelong

Building & Pest inspections are done to determine the house’s condition before committing to completion of the purchase. They assist with identifying any issues to be remedied in Geelong properties. Common building defects identified during building inspections include rising dampness, leaks or draining issues, cracked walls, leaking roofs, and safety hazards.

Building and Pest Inspection Geelong

The real estate market in Geelong is booming, and it has a lot of customers. The best way to not only attract more customers into the market is to do building inspections in the properties located in Geelong.
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Why Choose Our Pre Purchase Building Inspections Geelong Service

If you’re buying a property, pre-purchase building inspection services could save you thousands in the future. Altez Building Inspection services in Geelong can inspect any property and provide dilapidation reports.

Affordable building inspection services and pest inspections

Altez building inspection services offer affordable building inspection services and pest inspections with competitive pricing for complete, premium house inspections in Geelong. We ensure that the home inspection services you pay for are worth it.

Experienced inspectors in the Geelong area

The best way to choose experienced inspectors in the Geelong area is to ensure they are licensed and qualified. Altez hires only the most qualified and well-experienced inspectors to ensure precise and thorough property inspections.

Same day report for house inspection and new property inspections

All you have to do is contact Altez building inspection, and we will send a qualified inspector to do the check. We offer same-day reports for house and new property inspections in Geelong.

Ensuring residential and commercial construction work meets Australian standards.

Every property in Geelong that is inspected by Altez building inspection is guaranteed to receive a highly detailed report of the issues in the property’s structure. These reports are always easy to understand and written in a way that makes them easy to identify if they meet Australian standards.

Our Building Inspector Uses the Latest Pest Detection Technology

Altez building inspections use the latest technology to ensure that all possible pests and/or damages are detected in the properties inside Geelong. These technologies also make it easier to list and assess the damages to the property.

Termatrac T3i Radar Termite Detector

Properties in Geelong that make extensive use of wood may benefit significantly from this technology since the operator can detect and monitor termite and other insect activity without disturbing the neighbours.

Moisture and Humidity Meter

Altez Building Inspection values each and every one of our clients. Those who live in Geelong may count on us to provide the most exemplary service possible. As a matter of fact, humidity and precipitation may both damage your property.

FLIR E5 Infrared Camera Thermal Imaging

This device uses undiluted thermal pictures with visible light features that allow our inspector to instantly recognize hidden issues such as leakage, termite nests, and other pest problems, making it the best diagnosing tool for troubleshooting building problems identified during property inspections.

Actionable Building and Pest Inspection Report

Our comprehensive report on your property, including a pest inspection report, contains detailed photos describing any defects or other potential issues in your entire property. If you want to purchase a property but are concerned about termites or other pests, you should consider a pest inspector from Altez, a reputable name in the building industry.

A detailed report documenting major and minor defects

All significant defects in your property in Geelong are recorded to allow you to identify them quickly. It will enable you to efficiently find out where these damages are located and for you to make plans that will take care of them.

Comprehensive pest inspection reports and pest control actions

A lot of properties in Geelong use materials that may attract pests. Naturally, properties made from these materials are guaranteed to have a potential pest to target them. The reports produced by the building inspector include the identity of such pests and ways to combat them.

Records and photographic evidence of major safety hazards

Altez building inspections guarantee that the evidence of major defects acquired is supported by images, making it simpler to find them. They also provide advice that will assist you in repairing and selling your property.

Identification of the concentrated presence of termite activity

Altez building inspection ensures that the inspections they conduct are thorough. It is guaranteed that if termites are present on your property in Geelong, then they will be identified by the inspectors.

Recommended actions and repair work for your building.

The inspectors of the Altez building inspection ensure that the recommended actions and repair works included in the report are the best course of action possible.
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Prevent Major Defects with Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Our pre-purchase home inspections at Altez Building Inspections may help you spot problems before they become costly. Please contact us through our website if you need a reputable building and pest inspection service in the Geelong area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a pest inspector to inspect my new build before the settlement date?

It makes it easy for you to purchase the property without worrying about the potential complications of buying a home without an inspection. It also aids in identifying the various problems or prospective troubles that your property may encounter.

Do you provide Geelong building inspections for residential and commercial properties?

Yes, Altez Building Inspections provides business and residential property inspections in Geelong. We ensure that our client’s property is examined correctly and that they are happy with it.

Will pest inspectors damage my home in their search for termites?

Our inspectors will try to prescribe the most delicate pest-control measures and make every effort not to harm your property. After all, they make it easy for you to fix your property.

Why do I need a build handover inspection from qualified building inspectors, not just my real estate agent?

Because they are trained and know what they are doing, qualified building inspectors are often the norm. A real estate agent’s role is to sell houses, not examine them and remedy some defects. It is preferable to have your property inspected by a competent inspector.

What will my detailed report contain?

Your detailed report will contain all accounts of the inspection done by the inspectors, along with recommendations and possible solutions.

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