Building and Pest Inspection Geelong

Building and pest inspections are done to determine the house’s condition before committing to finalising your purchase. They assist with identifying any issues to be remedied in Geelong properties. Common building defects identified during building inspections include rising dampness, leaks or draining issues, cracked walls, leaking roofs, and safety hazards. Call Altez today to get our Geelong building inspectors to complete your handover inspection.

Building and Pest Inspection in Geelong

The real estate market in Geelong is booming, and it has a lot of customers. As a registered building practitioner, we are uniquely equipped to carry out your pre-purchase inspection. We provide a final report that will help you on your property valuation and negotiate for a better asking price before you reach settlement.
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Why Choose Our Pre Purchase Building Inspections Geelong Service

If you’re buying a property, pre-purchase building inspection services could save you thousands in the future. Our building inspection services in Geelong can help you assess any property and provide dilapidation reports as well as timber pest and structural damage reports. Here’s what you can expect from our comprehensive property inspection service:

Affordable building inspection services and pest inspections

Our building and pest inspections offer a truly complete building inspection service. In fact, our premium house inspections in Geelong consist of pest inspections and cost analyses of necessary repairs, all provided at competitive prices. If you’re looking for home inspection services that’s truly worth your money, we offer comprehensive reports to help you make a more informed decision on your investment.

Experienced inspectors in the Geelong area

Less experienced inspectors may not be able to tell hidden damages or provide accurate recommendations on suitable rectification works when damages are found. Our experienced inspectors in Geelong are licensed building surveyors and fully qualified to assess properties of various sizes. We guarantee precision and cost-effective outcomes on newly constructed homes as well as your commercial property investment.

Same day report for house inspection and new property inspections

Our fully insured inspectors are great at what they do. It’s why we’re able to provide a quick turnaround for our services. We offer same-day reports for house and new property inspections in Geelong for your convenience. If you’re on a deadline to finalise your purchase, we can help you reach settlement on time without compromising any liability on your part.

Ensures residential and commercial construction work meets Australian standards

Whether you’re interested in a residential or commercial investment property in Geelong, our building inspection is guaranteed to provide you with a highly detailed report that informs you of all possible structural issues. From termite damage to construction finishes, we can help you identify areas of risk and determine whether your property meets Australian standards. Get a sample report by contacting Altez Building Inspection today.

Our Building Inspector Uses the Latest Pest Detection Technology

While minor defects are maintenance issues that can be rectified easily, pest problems can cause major hazards for your property purchase. At Altez, we use the latest technology to ensure all possible pest activity and areas damaged or prone to pest activity are properly addressed. Here’s all you need to know about what we do to give you the information you need on your Geelong building:
radar termite detector

Termatrac T3i Radar Termite Detector

Properties in Geelong that are constructed with extensive use of wood may benefit significantly from this technology since we can detect and monitor termite and other insect activity without performing any invasive works.
moisture and humidity meter

Moisture and Humidity Meter

When it comes to your dream home, it’s not enough to just identify the current issues that are visible to the eye. You need to anticipate areas of risk. It’s why we use a moisture and humidity meter to isolate potential breeding grounds for future pest infestations. This way, you can prevent pest activity by carrying out the necessary repairs or renovation on the area concerned.
infrared camera

FLIR E5 Infrared Camera Thermal Imaging

This device uses undiluted thermal pictures with visible light features that allow our inspector to instantly recognise hidden issues such as leakage, termite nests, and other pest problems. It can isolate areas where building problems are likely to occur on your property inspections.
pest inspection report

Actionable Building and Pest Inspection Report

Our comprehensive report on your property, which also includes a pest inspection report, contains detailed photos describing any defects or other potential issues in your property. If you want to purchase a property but are concerned about termites or other pests, you should consider a pest inspector from Altez as we are a top name in the building industry when it comes to Geelong building inspectors.
defects and structural issues

A detailed report documenting major and minor defects

On your house inspection in Geelong, our building and pest inspectors record all major and minor defects. After identifying them, you can plan to rectify the damages found alongside the advice of our building inspector.
pest control issues

Comprehensive pest inspection reports and pest control actions

The reports produced on your building and pest inspections don’t just outline where damages are located throughout your entire property. Our building inspector team compiles cost-effective recommendations on repairs such as pest control actions, construction rectifications and more.
major safety

Records and photographic evidence of major safety hazards

Our registered building inspector collects all evidence of major defects, supporting them with photographs and detailed itemised lists. This way, you can be certain you have the appropriate evidence to corroborate if your construction is not up to par with Australian standards.
termite activity

Identification of the concentrated presence of termite activity

Our promise to you is great service for your peace of mind. We ensure our clients all presence and risk of termite activity is properly identified and addressed on your property in Geelong.
actions and repair works

Recommended actions and repair work for your building.

Our building inspector ensures your report covers recommended actions and repair works so you can decide on the next best course of action should any defects be found.
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Prevent Major Defects with Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Our pre-purchase home inspections can help you spot defects on your new property before you commit to finalising the sale. By addressing both major and minor defects, you can prevent the risk of financial stress with costly repairs on structural damage down the line. If you’re in need of a reputable building and pest inspection service in the Geelong area, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Altez for your handover inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a pest inspector to inspect my new build before the settlement date?

When you purchase a property, you never know the potential complications that could arise, not without enlisting an inspection. Buying a home is often a major investment and an inspection can quickly identify the various problems or prospective issues down the line. If these turn out to be major safety hazards, you may wish to step back from the property purchase or enforce some conditions from repairs being made prior to the closing of the sale or for the cost of any required repairs to be deducted from the asking price.

Do you provide Geelong building inspections for residential and commercial properties?

Yes, we do. Altez Building Inspection provides business and residential property inspections in Geelong. We always examine our client’s property down to every last detail so that they may be protected from liability and financial stress.

Will pest inspectors damage my home in their search for termites?

Not at all. Because we use non-invasive technology, we won’t be tearing down walls or undoing fixtures. We can complete detailed thermal imaging scans among other pest detection methods without ever disrupting your property.

Why do I need a build handover inspection from qualified building inspectors, not just my real estate agent?

Many home buyers and investment property buyers will often need the help of a professional building surveyor because a real estate agent’s stake in the sale of the property is simply their own gain. It’s easy to see why when you distinguish the different roles between real estate agents and building inspectors.

A real estate agent’s role is to sell houses, not examine them and recommend on what to do with defects. They have no interest in protecting you from financial damages or liability. They are also not qualified to perform pre-purchase building inspections.

Qualified building inspectors have the necessary training and certification to evaluate your property and advise you on necessary rectifications if defects are found. They are experienced building surveyors with relevant industry background in carrying out a wide variety of building inspections no matter if you’re interested in a residential or a commercial investment property.

What will my detailed report contain?

Your detailed report will contain the results of your building and pest inspections. This includes any pest related issues, structural damage and major and minor defects. Our inspectors will include their recommendations on alternative solutions on repairs, trades works and other rectifications when damages are found so you can plan for your next steps.

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