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Altez’s building inspectors are highly recommended in Point Cook to perform building and pest inspections that may help you discover typical building issues such as rising humidity, leaks, crumbling walls, and termites. Call us now for a quote on our building and pest inspections.
Professional building inspectors who know what to look for are required when purchasing a property in Point Cook. Neglecting this might result in thousands of dollars in repairs. Make an appointment for an Altez building inspection now. Don’t jeopardise your investment; schedule a building and pest inspection ahead of settlement.
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Why Choose Our Building Inspection Point Cook Services

With our accurate home inspection services, our skilled building inspectors offer great service by helping you remove risk and financial liability on your property purchase. Altez can help you whether you own an old or new building, an investment property, a pre-auction property, a pre-sale building, or have previously signed a contract subject to a building and pest inspection.

Building and pest inspection at a competitive price

Our Point Cook residential building and pest inspection services are reliable and affordable. We keep costs low by optimising our operations and basing our prices on the property’s size and any special requirements. We provide high-quality pre-purchase building pest inspections on short notice to safeguard your investment.

Pre-purchase building and timber pest inspection experts

Our pre-purchase building pest inspections can assist you in making a sound financial decision on your property purchase. We can also help you plan renovations, budget for repairs, and determine if the property is worth the price.

Qualified building inspectors with years of experience combined

Our team of building surveyors in Point Cook are qualified and experienced in conducting thorough building inspections in a timely manner. All our building surveyors undergo extensive training and possess Civil Engineering and/or Building Surveying Degrees. Rest assured, we have some of the best building inspectors in the construction industry.

Wide variety of building inspection services with quick turnaround

Our building inspections in Point Cook guarantee a fast turnaround to meet your timeline quickly. When you need to know everything about your options to make a fully informed decision in finalising a purchase, there’s no better team of inspectors than ours to conduct your building inspections.

Professional service and detailed report with pest control recommendations

Our building inspection reports ensure that the recommended rectifications, repairs and trades works included in the report are cost-effective and suitable for the needs of your property.

We Use the Latest Technology for your Building and Pest Inspection

Altez provides the best building and pest inspection services in Point Cook. Our trained home inspectors use state-of-the-art non-invasive technology to map your home or pre-purchase property and give you a thorough report within 24 hours. We’ve evaluated more than 4000 houses, and are experienced with a wide range of residential, commercial and investment properties.
radar termite detector

Termatrac T3i Radar Termite Detector

This device uses non-invasive, low-energy microwaves to detect termite activity. The high-frequency low radar emissions allow our operator to locate and track termite and other insect activity without disturbing the structure of your home. This is especially useful for properties that use a lot of wood in Point Cook.
moisture and humidity meter

Moisture and Humidity Metre

We don’t just detect present termite activity. We use the most advanced moisture and humidity metre to evaluate potential risk areas for future termite infestations to help protect your investment in the long run.
infrared camera

FLIR E5 Infrared Camera Thermal Imaging

This device captures pure thermal images with visible light characteristics to rapidly identify hidden concerns like leaking, termite nests, and other pest problems, making it the finest diagnostic tool for fixing hidden building problems.

Our Building Inspectors Offer a Comprehensive Report on your Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Our inspectors offer comprehensive reports on your pre-purchase building inspections. Our detailed reports include all defects and problem areas identified during the inspection and cost-effective recommendations. We recognise that purchasing a home can be challenging, not to mention a significant financial commitment, so we want to help you protect yourself from major liability in the long term.

A comprehensive written report detailing structural issues and any builder defects

All significant defects in your property in Point Cook are clearly documented in a comprehensive written report. We detail all structural issues and any builder defects to enable you to efficiently find out where these damages are located and make plans to rectify them.

Building pest inspection findings and areas susceptible to pest activity

Timber is used extensively in Point Cook homes. As homes made out of wood are at much higher risk for pest problems, building inspection services have only become more important to carry out. Our wood pest inspection reports will identify these vulnerable areas and recommend the best alternatives for pest control actions.

Conditions reports on construction work as per building industry standards

Every property in Point Cook that is inspected by a highly qualified Altez building inspector is guaranteed to receive a highly detailed, easy-to-understand conditions report of the issues in the property’s structure, ensuring that its construction meets the building code and Australian standards.

Advice regarding pest control actions, repair and trades works

Our building inspections ensure that the recommended control actions, repairs and trades works included in the report are actionable, cost-effective and suitable for the particular requirements of your property.
building inspections point cook services

Prevent Major Defects with Our Building and Timber Pest Inspections

Our building and timber pest inspections can help you avoid potential defects and structural damages that may cost thousands. We use non-invasive advanced technology to quickly locate pests and termites on your property, and ensure a prompt professional service each time. Get a quote from our building inspector today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer other pest inspections Point Cook services, such as commercial or investment property inspection services?

Yes, we do offer building pest inspections for commercial and investment properties in addition to new and pre-purchase property inspections.

When should I schedule my pre-purchase inspection?

It’s ideal to schedule a pre-purchase inspection before making an offer or signing a contract, or during the cooling-off period prior to your settlement.

Why are building pest inspections necessary for new home inspections?

Building pest inspections are designed to determine the house’s condition before committing to the sale. They help you save money by identifying any issues that can affect the value of the property. This way, you can negotiate with your vendor based on your findings and obtain a better asking price that addresses the defects found.

Why do I need a professional building inspector, not just my real estate agent, to provide pre-purchase building inspections?

Due to their training and expertise, qualified building inspectors can provide you with a comprehensive building report, which is often the norm. Real estate agents are responsible for selling houses, not inspecting them for defects.

How long will it take building inspectors to complete my building and pest inspection report?

A building pest inspection in Point Cook usually takes less than a day. While you may be present, leaving it to us is advised. Our inspectors can quickly provide you with the information you need and compile our findings in a comprehensive report.

What are the benefits of undergoing building inspections during a property purchase?

Pre-purchase property inspections help you understand as much as possible about your Point Cook home before buying. Our building inspectors deliver a thorough, easy-to-understand report containing all issues and areas of risk so you won’t be taking on financial liability unknowingly.

Will pre-purchase home inspections increase my savings or protect my investment value?

A pre-purchase building and pest inspection can help you identify and analyse building defects, plan for repairs and trade works, and ultimately, determine if the property is worth the asking price. This can save you from major financial loss in the long-term and protect the value of your investment.

Book Your Building and Timber Pest Inspection Online

If you’d like to schedule a building inspection from Altez for your Point Cook home, please contact our staff as soon as possible. We can quickly schedule your booking and perform a thorough inspection of your property.