Minimum Rental Standard Inspections Victoria

If you’re renting a property, it’s up to you to ensure it meets the minimum rental standards before anyone moves in. Altez Building Inspections makes this process easy, conducting a full Minimum Rental Standard Check and Inspection to ensure everything is in order. And with 24 hour turnarounds, you can start renting your property sooner. Contact us to book an inspection today.

Comprehensive Inspections for Rental Properties

The rental minimum standards cover basic but important requirements for your rental property. They cover a range of categories deemed essential by the government for a minimum standard of living, and include things like door locks, ventilation, heating, toilets and bathrooms, kitchen facilities and more.

At Altez Building Inspections, we take the stress out of rental property inspections.. Whether you’re renting out a house, a unit or an apartment complex, we can help you meet all the requirements under Victoria’s Minimum Standards.

comprehensive inspections for rental properties
minimum standards rental inspection victoria

Get the Full Report in 24 Hours

All our inspections come with a comprehensive report covering all our findings and our professional advice regarding actions you may need to take. Delivered in 24 hours, it includes everything you need to know about whether your rental property meets the Rental Minimum Standards, including the state of:

  • All locks and doors
  • Bathroom, kitchen and laundries facilities
  • Structural soundness
  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Any mould or dampness in the property
  • Smoke alarms
  • Hot and cold water availability
  • And any additional points of interest.

Why Choose Altez Building Inspections

With a team of experienced, qualified property inspectors and the latest in inspection technology, Altez gives you the confidence you need to rent out your property. Our comprehensive inspections and reports ensure you can move forward with peace of mind and move tenants in faster. If you’re new to this process, our team is here to help you through the process.


All our building inspectors undergo extensive training and possess Civil Engineering and/or Building Surveying Degrees, ensuring they can deliver the best results.


Altez stands by its work and offers a satisfaction guarantee. We will not rest until you have received the best service possible.


We use thermal imaging technology, moisture and humidity detectors, termite detectors and laser levelling devices to get a complete view of any property.


We offer competitive pricing for our Minimum Rental Standard Inspections and provide excellent value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get a minimum standards rental check?

Rental providers owe a duty to ensure their property meets the minimum standards. However, only rental agreements entered into on or after 29 March 2021 are covered by the minimum standards. If your tenants moved into the property before this date then you won’t need to get an inspection. As a rental provider, you are obligated to have an inspection carried out for any new properties you wish to rent.

What do you inspect ?

We check to ensure the property meets the minimum rental standards set out by your local authority. Our inspection covers safety, security and space requirements. This includes checking every aspect of the property against the minimum standards and providing a report you can use to prove your property meets those standards.

We also offer a range of other property inspection services, including pest inspections and builders’ inspections.

What if the rental property doesn't meet the minimum standards?

The rental agreement can be ended before moving in if the property doesn’t reach the minimum standards. Also, renters are able to request an immediate repair at any time after they’ve moved in to make sure the dwelling meets the minimal requirements.

Can I do my own minimum standards rental inspection?

It is possible for property managers and owners minimum standards rental inspection, but it’s not recommended. Professional inspectors have the knowledge and experience to identify areas that may not be compliant with the Minimum Rental Standards and can provide a comprehensive report that outlines any deficiencies in the property.

Is a routine property inspection the same thing as a minimum standards inspection?

No, a routine inspection is different to a Minimum Standards Rental Inspection. A property inspection provides an assessment of the condition of the entire dwelling and its related components for the owner or rental provider. A minimum standards inspection, on the other hand, looks for compliance with the Minimum Rental Standards – a legal requirement under the Residential Tenancies act 2021 for all rental properties in Australia.

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