Building Inspection Cheltenham

Before purchasing a property, it’s essential to hire expert inspectors. Ignoring this might cost thousands. Protect your investment with our property and pest inspections in Cheltenham.

Building Inspection in Cheltenham

Our building and pest inspection company are experts in comprehensive house and pest inspections, and provide a detailed report for our clients. When you need a Cheltenham building and pest inspection, our professional building inspector will use the latest inspection tools to identify all building defects with a fast turnaround at affordable prices.
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Why Choose Altez Building Inspection Cheltenham Services

We use cutting-edge equipment to conduct thorough pre-purchase property inspections in Cheltenham, covering everything from pests and moisture to the structural integrity of the building, all while offering the most competitive price in the industry.

Professional pest inspections for homeowners and investment property owners

When you enlist our professional building inspections in Cheltenham, you’ll receive a full report documenting any construction flaws and our inspectors’ recommendations.

Experienced building inspectors and pest inspectors

There are many reasons to choose an Altez building inspector. Our building inspectors have had significant training and degrees in Civil Engineering and Building Surveying. We provide outstanding house inspections with complete reports as the best building and pest inspection Cheltenham service.

Affordable prices and fast turnaround for building and pest inspection reports

No team of inspectors is better than ours when you need to understand your options quickly to make an informed decision on your purchase. We’re popular with households and businesses because of our fast turnaround and affordable prices. It’s no wonder we come highly recommended from agents, mortgage brokers, and conveyancers.

Timber Pest Inspections in Cheltenham for home buyers and businesses

We will do a complete timber pest examination of all accessible sections of your Cheltenham home. Because termites may cause substantial damage in a short period, our findings will also include preventative measures and repair works to minimise the risk of future pest problems.

Why You Need Accurate Home Inspection Services from Qualified Building Inspectors

Home inspections from Altez help buyers detect serious flaws before closing. A house inspection is vital since it might be a contract contingency. You can withdraw your offer on the property if a house inspection shows significant flaws.

Get actionable, legally enforceable pre-purchase building reports

An Altez building inspector can provide high-quality property inspection services and ensure that your investment does not result in financial stress. Our pre-purchase inspections Cheltenham service guarantees you have all the information you need to make the best decision on your purchase. Get legally enforceable pre-purchase building reports for your property completed now.

Wide range of building inspection services, from pest inspection to building surveying

If you’re thinking about purchasing, constructing, or remodeling, or if you’re concerned about the condition of your property, an Altez building inspection can help. A professional building inspection will notify you if there are any concerns with a property before you commit to its sale. From pest inspection to building surveying, we guarantee we’ll find all potential defects and recommend the most suitable solutions for your property.

Identify termite damage, construction defects, and other potential issues

Altez has helped Cheltenham residents identify termite infestation and building flaws early. We provide termite inspections as part of our property inspections. We analyse every aspect of a property, from the roof void to gaps under your flooring, for vermin, termites, and other possible problems that might cost you thousands if you purchase the home.

Your Pre-Purchase Building Inspection and Pest Inspection Report Will Contain

For your peace of mind, our reports are ready within 24 hours. Moreover, our reports are comprehensive, covering the whole house. The internal and external areas we inspect include:

  • Roof Space
  • Structural Defects
  • Appliances & Electrical/Plumbing Fittings
  • Retaining walls and ceilings
  • All wet areas
  • Carport/sheds
  • Records of major and minor builder defects, structural issues, and any other potential problems

    Our building reports include significant and minor builder faults, structural damage, and other issues. A pre-purchase building inspection may terminate a home acquisition if a severe defect is identified. You can put a conditional offer on the property, noting it is subject to a property condition report.

    Documentation of completed construction works according to the Australian building code

    Our expert inspectors do each pre-purchase inspection in line with the Australian building code, regulations, and code of conduct.

    Report on existing termite activity or risk areas for potential termite activity

    A professional termite inspection is the only method to detect termites in inaccessible areas of your property, such as a wooden decking foundation or roof. For the best building and termite inspections in Cheltenham, an Altez inspector can report on termite activity or danger areas, simplifying pest control significantly.

    Dilapidation reports, strata reports, and other inspection services

    Altez dilapidation reports, strata reports, and other inspection services guarantee a property’s actual condition at any given moment. Our inspectors ensure that they are thoroughly documented and point out any issues that should be addressed before the sale or purchase of a property.

    Recommendations for repairs and construction work to rectify damage found

    Our independent building inspector and pest inspector collaborate to offer you a complete and actionable building and pest inspection report, including suggestions for repairs and construction work to correct damage discovered before settlement.
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    Timber Pest Inspection and Pre-Purchase Building Inspection for New Houses

    Altez has over a decade of expertise performing property inspections in Cheltenham, including wood pest inspections and pre-purchase building inspections. Cheltenham residents have benefited from our early issue detection. We employ the newest technologies for inspections and reporting, speeding up processes and reducing costs. Get a quote for your inspection today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between building inspectors and building consultants or building surveyors?

    Building inspectors make a professional judgment on whether a building or structure meets building codes and prepare thorough building inspection reports.

    On the other hand, building consultants provide knowledge and skills in various technical construction topics and may help customers who want third-party counsel on a building project issue.

    Why can't I only rely on my real estate agent during my pre-purchase building inspection?

    Altez can inspect a building for major and minor issues and provide you with a thorough building report that includes our recommendations. In contrast, a real estate broker’s primary focus is on selling properties, they cannot offer a certified building report, which buyers require to protect themselves from liability.

    When should I schedule my new house inspection services?

    It is highly recommended that you have a pre-purchase building and pest inspection performed before making a formal offer, if the property is coming up for auction, before the planned day, or during the cooling-off time granted after you exchange contracts.

    What can I expect from my pre-purchase inspection report?

    We cover a series of items in our reports to ensure we don’t miss a thing. Our experts make sure that every corner of your house is inspected. We report on various internal and external areas of the property, such as:

    • Sub Floor
    • Roof Space
    • Structural Defects
    • Retaining walls and ceilings
    • All wet areas
    • Carport/sheds

    What are the benefits of enlisting property inspections in Cheltenham when buying or selling a property?

    We can supply detailed building inspection reports to help you make an informed decision when buying or selling property. An inspection can also help when securing or renewing a building permit. Our building examinations map structural integrity, moisture and thermal irregularities, pests, and anything else that might create difficulties, potentially saving you thousands in the long term.

    Can I use my building and pest inspection report to settle building disputes?

    You certainly can. When your pre-purchase building inspection and termite inspection report indicates existing damage to your property, you can negotiate with the vendor for rectification, or if needed, do so in a more formal litigation process.

    How long will it take your building inspectors to complete my building and pest inspection report?

    In most cases, we are able to deliver a comprehensive and easy-to-understand report emailed to you within 24 hours of the inspection.

    Can I get a free quote on my building inspection services?

    Yes, you can get a free estimate by contacting us. Our transparent pricing protects you from hidden fees or surprise surcharges.

    Book Our Building Inspector for Your Next Pre-Purchase Inspection

    With years of expertise, Altez Building Inspection aims to provide you with a complete picture of the status of the property you’re building or purchasing. More importantly, we aim to equip you with the strategies and resources you need to make the most informed purchase decision. Schedule your next pre-purchase inspection with our building inspector now.