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Altez is your local leader in building inspection, offering comprehensive property and building inspections Werribee at competitive prices. If you’re purchasing property, building or renovating, or simply need a comprehensive assessment of the state of your property, a building inspection might be for you. We offer inspections for commercial, residential and industrial properties of all sizes. After inspection, we provide you with a detailed report covering everything we find in easy to understand language so you can make the decisions you need to with complete confidence.

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Professional From Start to Finish

When it comes to buying, building or renovating a property, you need to be confident with your decisions. Any overlooked damage, bad workmanship, or other issues could cause you major problems down the line and cost you thousands. A professional building inspection from Altez will tell you everything you need to know about a property, from the quality of the work to underlying issues like pests, thermal anomalies, water damage and more. Through our comprehensive, easy to understand inspection reports, we aim to arm you with the information you need to make that decision with complete confidence. Talk to our team today for more information.

Building inspections in Werribee.

Our Inspection Process


All our inspections start with a visual inspection, documenting every visible issue and what it means for you, from the cracks in the walls and visible structural damage to the state of appliances, fittings and lighting.

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Next, we go in-depth, using thermal imaging, radar, moisture meters and more to get a look at what lies beneath the surface. This tells us if there are underlying issues you’ll need to consider and give you a better idea of the overall state of the property.


Third is an assessment of the spaces above and below your property; the roof cavity and subfloor space. We look for structural damage, leaks and any other issues.


Finally, we compile a report for you detailing everything we find along with our suggestions for action on each point. Our team can sit down and discuss these points with you to give you a complete view of the property and how to use the information.

Leading Building Inspections Werribee’s

While you could choose anyone to carry out a building inspection, or even let your builders inspect it themselves, you may not get the personal care Altez provides. Our inspectors are chosen for their expertise and skill. As well as having a keen eye for detail, our inspectors carry qualifications in Civil Engineering and/or Building Surveying. They can deliver a detailed report that gives you all the information you will ever need on a specific property and help you make the decisions you need to regarding your property.

Additionally, all our inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards AS4349.1, AS4349.3 and Code of Conduct, ensuring quality.

Why Choose Altez Building Inspection Ballarat?

Professional building inspectors with qualifications in Civil Engineering and/or Building Surveying.

Competitive pricing, flat-rate pricing on most standard inspections.

Comprehensive reports that provide the info you need in an easy to understand format.

Streamlined reporting process gives you results faster, often within 24 hours.

100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results we’ll work until you are.


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Get the professional building inspections you need today from Werribee’s leading building inspectors. Altez is committed to quality and your satisfaction, offering comprehensive building inspections and reports at competitive prices. We guarantee satisfaction and work hard to ensure you get the results you’re looking for and the information you need. Call us today on 0499 899 890 for a free quote and sample report.