Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne

When it comes to pest inspection you need a qualified professional to handle the job. Any slip up could cost you thousands it repairs and restorations. With an estimated 20% of properties in Melbourne facing a pest problem, you need to know if the home you’re buying is safe to buy. Altez are Melbourne’s leading provider of building and pest inspections Melbourne. We can provide you a comprehensive property report that details everything you need to know about the health of the property, including pests, moisture and humidity, structural integrity and more. Choose a full inspection or just get the services you need for either a pre-purchase or current home pest inspection. Contact us today for a free quote.

Our Inspection Process

Our inspection is four phases, each covering a different aspect of the property. The first phase is a visual assessment of the property and the testing of appliances, lights and other fittings. This covers basic house integrity, and will give you a good idea of the overall state of the property. Phase two is laser levelling and thermal imaging, a process that lets us detect thermal anomalies as well as any sinking or uneven floors, ceilings or walls. The third phase is an inspection of the roof cavity and sub floor areas to assess for damage leaks and structure. Finally, we wrap up with our comprehensive building pest inspections Melbourne report, giving you everything you need to know to make an informed decision on the purchase of your property. You’ll receive your report no later than 24 hours after the inspection.

building and pest inspections melbourne

Why Choose Altez?

Highly Qualified Inspectors

Our inspectors are qualified and experienced. All our inspectors undergo extensive training and possess Civil Engineering and/or Building Surveying Degrees.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re confident you’ll be completely satisfied with our services. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you get the results you’re looking for.

The Latest Inspection Technology

Using advanced thermal imaging technology, moisture and humidity detectors, high-frequency termite detectors and laser levelling devices we get accurate readings every time.


Our streamlined reporting and inspection process allows us to keep our prices competitive and provide more value for your money.

melbourne building and pest inspections

The Latest In Pest Detection

As professionals we use the latest pest detection technology to quickly detect and map out termite paths and nests, and other pests. Use of these tools is included as part of our building pest inspection Melbourne.

  • Termatrac T3i Radar Termite Detector
    • This radar termite detector uses low energy microwaves to penetrate and detect any activity in the walls, such as the movement of termites and other insects. 
  • Moisture and Humidity Meter
    • Using a sensitive moisture meter we can record changes in moisture levels to any identify problems and potential spaces where termites might build nests.
  • FLIR E5 Infrared Camera Thermal Imaging
    • Termites generate heat when they’re active, allowing us to identify the areas where they’re most active using advanced thermal imaging tools.


Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Report

After every inspection we create a comprehensive report detailing everything we find, potential risks and hazards, and our recommendations on what steps you should take next. While many minor pest infestations can be easily remedied, larger infestations can be incredibly costly. If you’re planning on buying a home and discover it has termites or similar pests, it’s important to weigh up the pro’s and con’s before purchasing. Our report will help you do that.

Get a Free Quote for Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne

Altez has inspected more than 4000 properties and helped thousands make the right property buying decision. We’re always ready to provide a professional service, exceeding your expectations at every step. Contact us today for a free quote and sample report and discover the difference a building and pest inspection can make for you.