Building & Pest Inspections Melbourne

When you want the best Melbourne building and pest inspections, book with an inspector who holds qualifications in timber pest inspections. With 20% of Melbourne properties estimated to harbour pests, it’s imperative that you know the home you’re buying won’t create those problems for you. When you want to buy properties, it’s important to enlist experienced inspectors who know what to look for and will inspect the property with high attention to detail. Neglecting this can cause thousands if not millions in repairs and restorations. Book your pest and building inspections in Melbourne today. From minor structural defects to major safety hazards, don’t risk your investment and get quality building inspection services.

Inspections Carried Out By Qualified Building Surveyors

As the leading building and pest inspections Melbourne service provider, we deliver unbeatable home inspections service with comprehensive reporting tailored to inform you of everything you need to know about your property to make an informed purchase. From the health of your property, pests, moisture and humidity, structural integrity and more, we use the latest equipment, deliver you the same-day full report results and provide you with the lowest price for all of Melbourne building and pest inspections by qualified inspectors. We’ll work to arrange an inspection time that suits your needs and you can choose for a full inspection or a select few services according to your pre-purchase concerns. Talk to us today to get a very detailed report on your home inspection.

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Our Personalised Inspection Process

What we offer our Melbourne customers on our building inspection services is invaluable. Our building and pest inspection services are ranked highly because of our quality and dedication to providing stellar service. Here are some of the things our building and pest inspectors offer:

  • A fast turnaround to meet your timeline quickly. When you need to know everything about your options quickly to make a fully informed decision and finalise a purchase soon, there’s no better team of inspectors than ours.
  • We take the time to carefully answer any question you have and explain our findings to you. Our inspection reports are delivered with great customer service not just because of the speed of their turnaround, but due to their level of detail.
  • We email our detailed reports to you on the same day of your inspection so you’ll never have to worry about delays.
  • Our reasonable competitive prices make us high in demand for prospective homeowners and businesses. We constantly receive referrals from property professionals such as agents, mortgage brokers and conveyancers.
  • Our team of building and pest inspectors offer valuable advice on your property based on your specific needs. We can advise you on whether your property may contain asbestos, any estimated costs of repairs for your structure or even building advice if you’re considering renovating after your purchase.
Our full inspection process is divided into four stages, each comprehensively covering a different aspect of your property to investigate any vulnerabilities.

Visual Assessment

Phase One is a visual assessment of your property. Our building inspectors will test appliances, lights and other fittings. Making sure all your fixtures are up to par, we cover basic house integrity to give you an overall idea of the state of your property.

Laser Levelling & Thermal Imaging

Phase Two is laser levelling and thermal imaging. This process allows us to detect thermal anomalies and any sinking or uneven floors, ceilings or walls. Thermal imaging also lets us discover any visual evidence if termite activity is present. It can isolate heat sources generated by termites on building surfaces and helps trace their nest and entry points through the building.

Inspection of Roof Cavity & Subfloors

Phase Three is an inspection of the roof cavity and subfloor areas to assess for any damage, leaks or structural issues. Our building inspectors will thoroughly inspect the unique layout of your property.

Building Pest Inspections

Phase Four is finalising our comprehensive building pest inspections Melbourne report, giving you everything you need to know to make an informed decision on the purchase of your property. You’ll receive your report no later than 24 hours after the inspection.

Why Choose Altez Building & Pest Inspections Melbourne

Buying a home is a source of pride and joy. For some, it’s a lifetime decision, so it’s imperative you make a sound investment with all your risks known to you. To make a well-informed purchase, carry out a pre-purchase building and pest inspection of the highest quality. Businesses and homeowners rely on Altez Building Inspections Melbourne because we understand our role in your buying process. Helping you gain in-depth knowledge of your potential purchase, we cover all aspects of your building.

We deliver highly comprehensive inspection reports on your property so you can move forward with confidence and total peace of mind. Eliminate risk with our Melbourne building and pest inspections. Whether you’re looking at a pre-auction building and pest inspection, a pre-sale building and pest inspection or already have signed a contract subject to a building and pest inspection, our team at Altez can assist you. Book pre purchase building inspections in Melbourne today

Highly Qualified Inspectors

Our building inspectors are qualified and experienced. All our building inspectors undergo extensive training and possess Civil Engineering and/or Building Surveying Degrees.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re confident you’ll be completely satisfied with our building inspections services. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you get the results you’re looking for.

The Latest Inspection Technology

Using advanced thermal imaging technology, moisture and humidity detectors, high-frequency termite detectors and laser levelling devices, we get accurate readings every time.

Competitive Pricing

 We’re the best provider for affordable building inspection services. Our streamlined reporting and building inspections process allows us to keep our prices competitive and provide more value for your money.

Benefits of a Building and Pest Inspection in Melbourne

When you hire inspectors to investigate pests, Altez can help you avoid purchasing an affected property and prevent major stress and financial loss. Alternatively, we can help assist in negotiating an appropriate price to factor in any corrective actions required. If major defects or termite activity is found, your knowledge can help better navigate your purchase decision with the risks made known to you.

We not only identify the presence of termites and pests, if any, but highlight conditions that may lead to future pest activity. Unlike a basic building inspection, Altez’s complete building and pest inspection is vital for Australian buyers, giving you the information you need to prevent any losses from the devastating damage termites cause. Read more about our termite inspections

the best building and pest inspections melbourne

The Latest Pest Detection Technology

 As professionals, we use the latest pest detection technology to quickly detect and map out termite paths and nests as well as identify other pests. Use of these tools is included as part of our pest and building inspections Melbourne service.

Termatrac T3i Radar Termite Detector

This radar termite detector uses low energy microwaves to penetrate and detect any activity in the walls, such as the movement of termites and other insects.

Moisture and Humidity Meter

Using a sensitive moisture meter, we can record changes in moisture levels to identify problems and potential spaces where termites might build nests. This meter can read concentrated presence of moistures on various surfaces from walls and floors without ever needing to puncture holes or damage the property in any way.

FLIR E5 Infrared Camera Thermal Imaging

Termites generate heat when they’re active, allowing us to identify the areas where they’re most active using advanced thermal imaging tools. This is a very efficient non-invasive method of detecting termites in building inspections.

Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Report

After every building inspection, we create a comprehensive report detailing everything we find, potential risks and hazards, and our recommendations on what steps you should take next. While many minor pest infestations can be easily remedied, larger infestations can be incredibly costly. Without a detailed report, you won’t be able to identify these issues.

If you’re planning on buying a home and discover it has termites or similar pests, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons before purchasing. Our building inspection report will help you do that.

The best building and pest inspections in Melbourne.
best building and pest inspections in melbourne


Pre purchase property inspections can help you save thousands of dollars upon settlement, and help you make the best buying decision. Our building inspection comprehensive reports contains the following:

  • Documentation of major safety hazards, such as structural issues or the suspected presence of asbestos.
  • Documentation of minor defects, such as expected property maintenance
  • Overview on the presence and/or workings of termites or timber pests
  • Review of any present conditions that may attract or assist termite or timber pest infestation
  • Information on the works that may be required to rectify defects or issues
  • Recommendations of appropriate trades to perform necessary works

All our building inspection reports come with detailed photos describing any defects or other potential issues found.


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