Building and Pest Inspection Dandenong

When purchasing a Dandenong residential or commercial property, it is crucial to have a professional building inspection performed. Including a building and pest condition in a purchase agreement is standard practice for many professional home buyers and investment property buyers. If you’re a first-time buyer, don’t underestimate what a properly licensed inspector can do. When you enlist property inspection services, a thorough inspection will ensure you are paying for or will be selling off your property at a fair value. This way, you can protect yourself against liability and financial losses.

Building Inspection in Dandenong

Altez will conduct a comprehensive visual inspection on your property, covering everything from structural integrity and pest detection to thermal abnormalities, asbestos, waterproofing, pool safety, leaking, pipe fittings, appliances, and more. If you want to be completely confident in your Dandenong building purchase, choose Altez Building Inspection to help you navigate your handover and settlement process seamlessly.
building and pest inspection dandenong

Why Get a Building and Pest Inspection from Altez Building Inspections

With 20% of Melbourne properties estimated to harbour pests, you need to make sure the home you’re buying won’t create those problems for you. When purchasing properties, it’s essential to source an experienced building inspector for help. Our team at Altez is known to provide the best building inspection Dandenong residents can rely on for a detailed report that will help you save on money, time and stress in the long term. Here’s what we have to offer our clients:

Qualified building and pest inspectors

Our team of passionate professionals are equipped with relevant qualifications in Civil Engineering and/or Building Surveying. We know how to conduct a comprehensive building inspection and what goes into making a building safe, as well as the workings of building valuation to help you make the right decision on your purchase.

Detailed building and pest reports

We provide a detailed building report and advice on resolving any major issues found on your premises. Altez will give you a thorough analysis as well as recommendations on actionable rectifications based on the relevant findings from your pre-purchase inspection.

Efficient service and quick turnaround

Altez offers one of the fastest turnarounds in the building industry to meet your timeline. When you urgently need to know everything about your options to finalise a purchase, our team of pre-purchase property inspectors are efficient and responsive in completing the work you need from us.

Handover inspections and pre-purchase inspections

Altez building inspectors are qualified and experienced in handover inspections and pre-purchase property inspections. Our building inspectors undergo extensive training and possess Civil Engineering and/or Building Surveying degrees.

Professional Inspectors to Ensure Your Next Property Purchase Meets Building Standards

Property inspections, including a timber pest inspection, are an essential part of the home-buying process. Your building inspection can determine whether your property is up to Australian building standards and if it is worth the asking price. Here’s how we help you obtain the relevant information you need:
laser and thermal imaging

Laser and thermal imaging

Our building pest inspections use laser and thermal imaging to detect thermal anomalies and any sinking or uneven floors, ceilings, or walls. Thermal imaging also enables us to discover any visual evidence of termite activity.
subfloors and roof cavities

Inspection of subfloors and roof cavities

We will inspect every part of your roof space including the roof cavity and subfloor areas to assess for any damage, leaks, or structural issues. Our building inspectors are the most suitably equipped to provide the best reports in accordance to the unique layout of your property.
pest control issues

Pest report with recommended pest control actions

After our professionals inspect the property, if the pest inspection reports indicate pests on the property, our inspectors will recommend a solution to your pest issues so you can navigate this pre-sale period and reach your desired outcome. This may involve costs on pest control actions and other repairs.

Building Pest Inspection Report – Comprehensive Report

Our building pest inspection reports are sent to the customers in 24 to 48 hours after your inspection. Here are some elements that we usually cover in your documents:

Dilapidation reports and property inspections for new homes

A dilapidation building report records the current condition of the property. This is especially useful if you’re in between/have recently completed construction and you have surrounding properties lining your construction site. Dilapidation surveys help discourage false claims by neighbouring property owners against you for damage due to building works.

Reports of major structural defects and minor defects

We’ll provide details of the flaws found within the property. With essential recommendations for actions on major defects, you can quickly resolve the issues itemised on your report. Afterwards, you can also attend to minor defects, as those also affect the value of your property.

Photographic evidence to accompany your building reports

We present clear evidence in each section of the report. From photographs to other forms of visual records and descriptions, we make sure to include every relevant detail to help you with your claims with the vendor.

Timber pest inspection and identification of potential pest areas

Countless properties often use timbers in their constructions. These timbers often harbour pests, thus they need to be checked for its presence. We won’t only search for active termite activity, but also identify potential areas where they might nest next.

Recommendations for repair and trades works

After finding and recording the damage on your property inspection, we recommend the best course of action for repairs. These recommendations ensure that the damages will be rectified and are legally enforceable in the building report.
the bestest building and pest inspection dandenong

Building and Pest Inspection Services for Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

We have inspected thousands of properties and helped countless home and investment property buyers make the right buying decision. If you’re looking for building and pest inspection services, we offer a wide range of pre-purchase inspections for your needs and guarantee excellent customer service at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need building pest inspections at your new property?

Oftentimes, new properties are not up to standards and do not match their valuation price. That’s why property inspections are a convenient and cost-saving step you are highly recommended to do prior to your final settlement. If you’re looking for someone to help during your handover inspection, our building pest inspections address all major and minor defects from pest control actions to necessary repair works.

Why do you need a house inspection with qualified building inspectors, not just your real estate agent?

Our qualified and fully insured building inspectors are experts in what they do. They also provide an objective evaluation of the property you’re interested in. Real estate agents are focused on selling the property and are not qualified to carry out property inspections or pest inspections. They are also not interested in protecting you from any liability that may arise from the sale of the property.

What can you do with a building report produced by professional inspectors?

The best thing to do is to evaluate the results of the inspection report and follow the recommendations that are suggested to you. You will be able to gain a fairer valuation of the property and reach a suitable outcome. Whether that is a better negotiating price with conditions of repairs fulfilled or backing out of the sale entirely, you’ll be able to protect yourself from financial damages in the long term.

Can I settle damages or construction that is not up to the building code with building inspectors?

A building inspection report can help you rectify poor construction works or damages found in a new property if it’s not up to building code. You can undergo further negotiation, mediation or fully undertake legal action in court with the evidence supplied to you to reach a better settlement outcome.

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