Building Inspection Carrum Downs

A home or building inspection report can be an unexpected money saver in the long run. At Altez, we provide building and pest inspections Carrum Downs residents can rely on to identify any hidden problems before the sale or handover, so you can reach a fair settlement and protect your investment in the long run.

Building Inspection in Carrum Downs

If you’re in the market for a new home or commercial building, it’s in your best interest to hire building and pest inspectors to conduct a termite inspection. A building inspector can provide you with a variety of home inspection services and produce a thorough report that will help you make a more informed decision on your purchase. Otherwise, you’ll be risking tens or hundreds of thousands in costly repairs to fix unseen damages.
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Why Choose Building Inspection Carrum Downs Service From Altez

From the safety of your home, our building inspection specialists utilise the latest technology to detect pests, moisture and humidity problems as well as building defects. We provide our findings in a comprehensive report. In most cases, we can provide a same-day report after your Melbourne pre-purchase inspections. Here’s what you can expect from our service:

Professional service and actionable building reports

Altez Building Inspection services can advise clients on any residential and commercial property in Carrum Downs. We always guarantee a highly detailed report of the issues alongside cost-effective recommendations on possible solutions.

Pre-purchase building inspections experts

A pre-purchase building and pest inspection allows you to plan for renovations, budget for repairs and determine whether the property in question is worth its sale price. This helps you prevent financial losses in the long run. Our team of building inspection specialists at Altez are qualified and come highly recommended in the areas they specialise in. When you want timely reliable reports to help you reach settlement with confidence, we’ve got you covered.

Building inspectors for home inspections and commercial property inspections

Need a leading building and pest inspection team in Carrum Downs? We offer a comprehensive range of services for both new home inspections and commercial property inspections. Whether you are buying or selling, we’ll be sure to meet your exact requirements and provide you with the insight you need.

Complete building and pest inspection reports

When you want a detailed report of your property in Carrum Downs that lets you understand everything you need to know regarding issues in its structure, our building inspection reports are easy-to-understand and highly comprehensive.

Recommendations for rectifications on your building pest inspections

All defects in your property in Carrum Downs are carefully documented to allow you to quickly rectify them. From identifying where damages are located, understanding their extent to making plans on recommended repairs, we aim to help you make this process as seamless and easy as possible.

Our Pest Inspectors Use the Latest Technology to Compile Your Building and Pest Reports

Our home inspectors use the latest thermal and imaging technology to map out your home. Having streamlined our processes with our years of providing Carrum Downs home inspections, we can often deliver a report within 24 hours of your inspection at competitive prices. We’re proud to have evaluated more than 4000 houses in Victoria, with plenty of satisfied customers to testify for our quality service. Here’s how we collect detailed evidence for your building and pest inspections:
radar termite detector

Termatrac T3i Radar Termite Detector

This device uses non-invasive, low-energy microwaves that pass through most building materials to detect termite activity. The high-frequency low radar emissions allow the operator to locate and track termite and other insects without disturbance or invasive work. This is especially useful for properties that are constructed with significant wood elements in Carrum Downs.
moisture and humidity meter

Moisture and Humidity Metre

With our moisture and humidity metre, we don’t just identify where termite and other pests exist, but areas where they may potentially create their new home. We identify environments that present a moisture and humidity risk in your home so you can be fully aware of potential infestation sites.
infrared camera

FLIR E5 Infrared Camera Thermal Imaging

Our infrared thermal camera uses innovative imaging technology to immediately identify hidden leakages, termite nests and other pest problems. It is one of the most reliable diagnostic tools for finding hidden pest related issues in buildings of any scale.

Our Pre Purchase Building Inspection Report Will Identify and Analyse Major Faults

When you want a pre-purchase building inspection Carrum Downs home buyers can trust, our inspection services offer a quick turnaround and peerless attention to detail. Our pre-purchase building inspections can identify and analyse defects and other problem areas. We complete top-to-bottom building inspections so rest assured, we won’t neglect an inch of your new house. We understand handover inspections can be a challenging and emotional process, especially for first-time home buyers, so we want to help you make a sound decision on this significant financial commitment. Here are some things we can help you out with when we inspect your Carrum Downs building:

Building pest issues and major structural defects

All defects in your property in Carrum downs are identified and documented during our pre-purchase inspection. You can easily plan on what to do to rectify these damages, be it through negotiating for a better sale price or updating the terms of your contract to involve renovations on the vendor’s part before closing the sale.

Conditions report checking if your build meets construction industry standards

From dilapidation reports to structural reports, we can ensure your property in Carrum Downs meets relevant Australian standards. This is useful on both the buyer’s and the seller’s end, as you can reach a fairer agreement at a faster rate and protect yourself from liability as well as avoid building disputes in the long term.

Property areas prone to building pest issues

Carrum Downs has many buildings prone to pest issues. With our inspectors providing outstanding service, you can be sure your professional timber pest inspection addresses all relevant sections of your home and eliminates the risk of termite damage. From your roof, floors to decking foundations, we’ll be sure to identify any concerns such as termite nests, or potential termite environments on our timber pest inspections. We will also recommend pest control actions you can undertake to resolve these issues should you remain interested in the property.

Pest control actions and repair recommendations

Our assessment during your pest inspection service doesn’t end at identifying the issue. When we identify pest problems in hard-to-access areas of your home such as roof voids and under-floor areas, we also provide cost effective recommendations in the form of repair solutions and other trade works.

best building inspection carrum downs

Protect the Value of Your Home or Investment Property with Our Building Inspection Services

We’re known to provide some of the best, most comprehensive building inspection reports in the building industry. From moisture and temperature anomalies, the presence of pests to investigating structural defects, you can rely on our building inspection to make an informed decision on your purchase. This will save you on costly repairs and protect the value of your home or investment property down the line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of pre-purchase property inspections?

A pre-purchase property inspection will help you save on time and money. Qualified building inspectors can provide you with a detailed and easy-to-understand report that includes everything you need to know before purchasing. We can also give professional advice on whether or not you should acquire the home. This minimises the risk of financial stress as well as disputes with the vendor or builder in the long run.

Why should I hire a building inspector to conduct a property and pest inspection?

Our skilled building inspectors create a detailed and easy-to-understand report and also offer professional advice on whether to purchase the property or not. Many realtors don’t mention potential concerns since they want to sell the home. Our thorough inspections help you identify faults or negotiate a better bargain with the seller.

How long does it take to complete a timber pest inspection for my house?

A building pest inspection usually takes around a few hours. Depending on the issues found and/or the scale of your property, we can usually supply you with our reports within 24-48 hours of your inspection.

Can I use my building inspection report to settle a dispute?

This depends on the item disputed, where the liability lies and the extent to which the damages were covered in your report. See our services for NCAT reports, VCAT reports, expert reports and building completion reports for more details on court-mandated evidence for legally enforceable inspection reports.

When should I schedule a house inspection?

House inspections should be performed before making a formal offer, or if the property is going to auction, before the specified day or during the cooling-off period after exchanging contracts.

Why do I need building and pest inspectors and not just a real estate agent during my property purchase?

Qualified building inspectors are qualified building surveyors who are trained to examine buildings in detail, impartially and to recommend suitable repairs. Their job allows you to have an objective point of view regarding the results of your inspection. In contrast, real estate agents are tasked to sell the properties, not inspect them and will not be concerned with damages.

Will my building report be legally enforceable in the eyes of the law?

Generally, yes. However, regarding which report is actionable in the federal circuit, federal court or the high court is subject to which specific type of building inspection you enlist for your handover inspection. You can discuss your needs with our inspectors if you suspect you require a legally enforceable report in the eyes of the state, and we can recommend which service is most suited to your situation.

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