Building Inspection Chelsea

Book the best building inspectors for your pre-purchase building and pest inspections in Chelsea. With 20% of Chelsea homes harbouring bugs, you should make sure yours isn’t one of them. Neglecting this may cost tens of thousands in repairs. Don’t endanger your investment, get Altez property inspection Chelsea now if you’re planning on buying a home.

Building Inspection in Chelsea

As the premier building and pest inspection Chelsea service, we give excellent home inspections, providing thorough reports to protect our clients’ investments. We employ the newest technology and offer some of the best competitive pricing among Chelsea building and pest inspections services. Get a quote from our experienced inspectors today if you need help with your next property purchase.
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Why Choose Building Inspections and Pest Inspections From Altez

Buying a house is a lifelong dream for some people, so it’s important you don’t make this decision lightly. Altez offers property inspection Chelsea services to help you cover all areas of potential defects and liability. This way, you can have an in-depth understanding of your building before finalising your purchase decision. Our detailed building and pest inspection reports can help you during pre-auction, pre-sale or post-contract periods. Here are some reasons why you should rely on us during this important time:

Quick turnaround for your building and pest inspection report

We will email a detailed report to you on the same day of your inspection so you’ll never have to worry about delays.

Experienced building inspectors and pest inspectors

Our building inspectors are qualified and experienced. All our building inspectors undergo extensive training and possess Civil Engineering and/or Building Surveying Degrees.

Building and pest inspections for new home buyers and investment property owners

We specialise in pre-purchase property inspection services to help you buy or develop new homes. Our building and pest inspections are especially tailored for new home inspections in Chelsea, and can help you evaluate various areas of concerns and identify defects. If you want outstanding service and a comprehensive report on your new house, choose Chelsea’s top home inspector team from Altez.

Affordable professional pre-purchase building inspections in Chelsea

We provide reasonable prices for the work provided by our certified building and pest inspectors, who are some of the top names in the building industry. We’re able to keep rates low by optimising our processes and charge clients purely based on the property’s size or its building stage.

Prevent costly repairs and pest damage

Pre-purchase property inspections will protect your investment by preventing you from purchasing pest-tested homes or homes with structural issues or termite damage. This will help you avoid major financial loss as well as guide you on any cost-effective repairs that may be necessary.

We Use the Latest Pest Inspection Technology for Your Pre-Purchase Reports

As professionals, we use the latest pest detection technology to quickly detect and map out termite paths or nests, and identify the presence of other pests. The following are some tools that we use on our pest and building inspections Chelsea service.
radar termite detector

Termatrac T3i Radar Termite Detector

The radar termite detector uses low-energy microwaves to penetrate and detect any activity in the walls, such as the movement of termites and other insects.
moisture and humidity meter

Moisture and Humidity Meter

Using a sensitive moisture and humidity meter, we can record changes in moisture levels to identify problems and potential spaces where termites might build nests.
infrared camera

FLIR E5 Infrared Camera Thermal Imaging

Termites generate heat when they’re active; allowing us to identify the areas where they’re most active using advanced thermal imaging tools. This is a very efficient non-invasive method of detecting termites in building inspections.

Our Pre Purchase Inspection Report Will Give You Maximum Coverage

After every building inspection, we create a detailed report with our findings, possible dangers, and the recommended actions you can undertake in terms of rectifications. As large insect infestations may be expensive and challenging to treat, you won’t be able to overcome these difficulties without the guidance provided by a full report. The following are just some elements that you can expect to be covered by your building inspection report:

Documentation of structural damage, major defect and other major issues

Design, structure, materials, or obsolete parts might cause defects. If pre-purchase building inspections discover significant structural damage in a timely manner, property acquisitions may be halted until the settlement of the issue.

Purchase building and pest control rectification recommendations

We use modern technology to inspect the whole house. Our building inspections Chelsea service can check for leaks, restumping, asbestos, surveyors, and pest infestation in one go. Our professional building and pest inspectors provide a detailed report, including cost-effective recommendations and trade works.

Property construction and conditions report meeting Australian standards.

We can ensure the construction of your property meets Australian building standards. Our qualified building surveyors will be able to determine whether your property meets civil engineering requirements and is fairly valued for your purchase.

A pest inspection will identify existing pest problems and areas prone to pest activity

A professional termite inspection is the only method to determine whether termites are in an inaccessible region of your property, such as a wooden decking base or roof. An Altez inspector may find the nest and termite activity without invasive workings, making rectification works easier to complete.

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Make the Most Informed Decision on Your Property Purchase With a Thorough Report

Homebuyers are recommended to enlist the help of professionals in conducting building and pest inspections and obtain detailed property reports. This is so that they can be advised on the best course of action and negotiate for fairer terms and sale price should there be any defects found in the property. These reports will also help them to fix faults after acquisition to satisfy Australian Standards (AS4349.1), or in the event of building disputes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a detailed report from a professional building inspection?

Buyers, especially first-time buyers, should hire a professional inspector to inspect the house and complete a building inspection report on their behalf before finalising their purchase. This report will indicate common problems such as mold, wall fractures, safety risks, plumbing issues or damaged roofs, all of which can cause costly renovations and repairs. By having these attended to beforehand, you can either negotiate for a better price or let the sale fall through if it’s not in your best interest to secure the property.

What are the benefits of using building and pest inspections for your property?

Altez can help you avoid purchasing pest-infested homes, preventing stress and significant financial damage. We can also help negotiate repair costs if you would like to move forward with the settlement. If significant issues or termite activity are found, our reports may help you agree upon a better sale price or conditions such as repair works to be satisfied before the purchase is finalised. To avoid major structural and termite damage on your newly purchase home, contact Altez Building Inspection today. We’ve assisted countless Australian buyers in making a more informed decision on their future homes.

Do you offer pest inspections Melbourne services for investment property owners?

Yes, we do. Our investment property inspections include the identification of structural flaws and noticeable damage to underlying problems, including damaged wiring and electrical fittings, uneven insulation, poor construction, termite infestations, leak, mold, and moisture levels.

How much will getting a building and pest inspection Melbourne services cost?

Our rates will vary based on the property in question. But rest assured, we charge competitive prices, which has made us in high demand for many prospective homeowners and business owners. Similarly, we often receive referrals from agents, mortgage brokers and conveyancers.

When should I schedule my property inspections?

Building and pest pre-purchase inspections are highly advised before making a formal offer or, if the property is going to auction, prior to the appointed day or during the cooling-off period granted after contracts are exchanged.

How long will it take my building inspector to complete a pre-purchase building inspection report?

Our comprehensive inspection takes less than a day to complete. In most cases, we deliver complete building reports on the same day as your inspection.

Why do I need a professional building inspector for my vendor inspections and not just a real estate agent?

Altez can assess a building for major and minor concerns. Mould or bad wiring can be easily found during a home inspection. After a home inspection, most buyers have seven days to back out. While real estate brokers want to sell the home, they can’t create a certified building report which is vital to buyers and lenders, and can empower buyers to have a better chance at a fair settlement.

Can I use my building inspection report to settle a court dispute?

Certain types of pre-purchase building inspection and/or termite inspection reports such as an NCAT, VCAT, expert report or building completion report can help you represent yourself in court if your vendor failed to indicate existing damage to your property.

Book a Building and Pest Inspection For Your Property Today

Altez Building Inspections can check any property for faults, structural damage, irregularities and asbestos. Our inspectors can give you a complete picture of the unit you’re developing or purchasing to make a better investment in the long term.