About Altez Building Inspections

With years of experience behind us, Altez Building Inspections can inspect any property and provide you with information on any defects, structural damage, abnormalities and other issues. We aim to give you a comprehensive overview of the state of the property you’re building or buying, and arm you with the tools to make the best decisions for your future.

Why Get a Property

If you’re buying a home or building, a property inspection could save you thousands in the future. Any unseen issues that aren’t fixed before the final sale or hand-over are now your problem, and could become very costly if you aren’t going into the sale knowing they’re there. We conduct a comprehensive investigation of your property, covering everything from structural integrity and pest detection to thermal abnormalities, asbestos, waterproofing, pool safety, leaking, pipe fittings, appliances and more. If you want to be completely confident in your investment, Altez Building Inspections is for you.

A Passionate and Dedicated

Our team is passionate and professional, with each member of our team having qualifications in Civil Engineering and/or Building Surveying. We know what goes into making a building safe, and guarantee we can give you the tools to make the right decision at the end of the day. If you’re building a property, our team can be there every step of the way to check and sign off on each stage of the build. We’re dedicated to your needs, and will make sure that you get the quality that you’ve paid for. If you’re building a new home for your family, you can trust the team at Altez to make sure your home is safe and sound, ready for family life.

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