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Altez Building Inspections is a leading Building Inspectors Geelong team, offering comprehensive and affordable inspections for commercial, residential and industrial properties. Our qualified building inspectors are ready to inspect your property and provide you with the information you need to take the next step. With comprehensive reporting, fast turnaround times and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Altez are your go to building inspectors in Geelong.

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Why Choose Altez Building Inspectors Geelong?

Reliable, qualified Geelong building inspectors with degrees in Civil Engineering and/or Building Surveying.

Competitive pricing on all inspections, with flat rate prices for many services
Comprehensive and easy to understand reporting
Fast turnaround times. 24 hours from inspection to report delivery.
Specialised tools let us uncover even invisible issues, such as moisture and pests

Why Get a Building Inspection in Geelong?

If you’re buying or selling a property in Geelong, or simply need to know if there are any issues, you could do a visual inspection. However, there are a large number of issues that can lie under the surface, unseen without the proper tools or knowledge. A property inspection carried out by our professional property inspectors in Geelong can uncover these issues and provide you with a complete overview of your property. With this information, you can decide what you want to do next with complete confidence, whether you’ll follow through with the purchase, request repairs, or repair it yourself.

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Our Inspection Process

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Visual Inspection: Our Building Inspectors start with a visual assessment of the property, taking note of cracks, damage, visible leaks, mould, fittings, broken appliances and lighting, and more. We also determine whether the damage is cosmetic, age-related, structural damage or poor workmanship.

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Thermal and Laser Imaging: Our Geelong Building Inspectors laser level every room and carry out thermal imaging, identifying any thermal anomalies and ensuring the room is flat and there are no stumps or uneven floor.

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Void Inspection: Our inspectors then inspect the spaces above the ceiling and below the floor to check for any leaks and structural issues that are causing problems now or could potentially cause problems in the future.

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Final Report: After the inspection is complete, we compile a comprehensive report covering everything we’ve found in easy to understand language, as well as our comments on each complete with suggestions on what your options are. After the inspection, you’ll receive your report after 24 hours.

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Efficient Building Inspection Geelong Services

We offer a wide range of inspection services for homes, businesses, commercial properties, and industrial properties. Our most popular services include:

Our building inspectors Geelong can inspect any property before purchase, providing you with a complete assessment that will tell you whether everything is completed to standard or if something needs to be contested and fixed before handover. Altez gives you the ability to buy with confidence. Get in touch with our team for your pre purchase inspections requirement.

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Using the latest in thermal imaging and termite detection technology our property inspectors Geelong team can inspect any property for pests, letting you know if there are any issues, exactly where the pests are, and what you can do to fix the issues. This termite inspection service is included in many of our inspection services or is available standalone. For more information on our building and pest inspection Geelong services, get in touch with our friendly team. 

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We offer general house inspections often at fixed prices, allowing you to get the information you need about a property quickly and easily. Talk to our expert building inspectors Geelong team today for more information, or ask us about our $450 premium inspection bundle and get your property inspected today.
A dilapidation report will show you the exact state of a property at any one time and are essential if you plan to make changes to your property or need to maintain safety. We can carry out dilapidation reports for properties of all sizes and provide you with a clear, easy to understand report.

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