Commercial Building Inspections

Buying or building commercial property is not a decision to be taken lightly. If you’re investing in the future of your business or buying a property you intend to use for industrial, office or retail, you need to be sure it’s safe and ready for use. A commercial building inspection can provide you with the information you need to make the final purchase decision, or tell you if the building has any underlying issues that could cause you problems in the future. If you’re planning on purchasing or investing in commercial property, or need to know if your current property has issues, Altez can deliver an in-depth commercial building inspection report that will tell you exactly what you need to know.

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What to Expect

Our property inspections cover every aspect of your commercial property, from general structural issues and visible damage to underlying issues such as broken wiring and electrical fittings, inconsistent insulation, bad workmanship, termite infestations, and leak, mould and moisture risks. Without a complete building and pest inspection, issues like these are the ones that could cost you hundreds, or even thousands, in repairs, and will affect the next step you take. Our building inspectors can complete comprehensive commercial building reports so you may take immediate actions to rectify these issues and save thousands of dollars.

Our full service involves:

A full inspection of your property.

Cataloguing all potential issues and areas for concern

Compiling a detailed report, complete with images

Quick delivery of the report to you

Face to face consultation to discuss the results

Through our unique, specially designed reporting process our building inspectors are able to carry out inspections in as little as 24 hours, from the start of the inspection to delivery of the report.

Comprehensive and Easy to Understand Reporting

Through our comprehensive building inspection report, we aim to give you all the information you need to make your next decision for the property. Your pre purchase building inspection report will break down each of our inspection points into information that is relevant to your goals, complete with our insight into each issue. Whether you have experience in commercial property or not, our commercial building inspection reports are easy to understand and will make your job much easier.

Commercial building inspections.

Why Choose Altez Commercial Building Inspections?

Fast and Effective Property Inspections

Experienced and Qualified Inspectors

Comprehensive and Easy to Understand Reports

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Why Get a Commercial Building Inspection?

A commercial building inspection could save you thousands in repairs or prevent you from making a bad purchase or investment. While you could inspect a property yourself, looking for visual damage and anything that could be a problem, many issues lie beneath the surface and are undetectable without specialists devices. Until it becomes too late. Our building inspectors use a range of tools for thermal imaging, pest detection, moisture detection and more to ensure there are no issues that are overlooking. This way we can give you the best chance at investing in commercial properties that won’t depreciate dramatically in value or cost you continuous financial stress in repairs work. Our building and pest inspection report comes highly recommended among Melbourne building inspections and building industry services. Quick and professional, we can give you a detailed report on our inspection services and help you rectify major and minor defects and safety hazards.


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