Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Geelong

Pre-purchase building inspections in Geelong are done to verify the house’s condition before committing to completion of the acquisition. They aid in identifying any flaws to be corrected in a Geelong building. Common safety hazards detected during a building inspection include growing moisture, leaks or drainage difficulties, fractured walls, leaky roofs, and safety risks.
A pre-purchase building inspection is highly advised when buying a home in Geelong. Failure to do so might result in thousands of dollars in repairs. To prevent jeopardising your investment, arrange an appointment with an Altez building inspector.
pre purchase building inspections geelong

Why Choose Our Geelong Building Inspections

If you’re looking to buy a home, investing in pre-purchase building inspection services might save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Altez building and pest inspections in Geelong provide property inspections that can evaluate and produce comprehensive reports for old and new properties, including pre-purchase, commercial, and investment properties.

Non-invasive pest inspections Geelong services

Altez offers non-invasive timber pest inspections, which include a professional report. Our building inspectors use modern hi-tech equipment in our home inspection. We guarantee that if termites are present on your property in Geelong, our inspectors will identify and recommend solutions quickly.

Professional building and pest inspection reports

Every property in Geelong that has undergone an Altez house inspection is guaranteed to receive a highly detailed building and pest inspection report of the major defects in the property’s structure, along with cost-effective recommendations on possible solutions.

Investment property inspections and house inspections

If you’re buying an investment property in Geelong, our team can conduct an investment property inspection and house inspections to check for major and minor defects. We’re always dedicated to your needs and will ensure you get the quality you’ve paid for. With our pre-purchase and house inspection, you can trust the team at Altez to ensure your home is safe and sound.

Experienced pest inspector and building inspectors team

Altez is the best house inspection service in Geelong. Our well-experienced building and pest inspectors team comprises certified and licensed professionals who are the best in what they do in the building industry.

Pre-purchase inspection reports for residential and commercial properties

If you’re buying a property, our team can be there to conduct a pre-purchase inspection. With our pre-purchase inspection reports, you can trust the team at Altez to ensure that the property you’re buying in Geelong is safe and financially sound.

Our Pest Inspector Uses the Latest Technology to Create Your Pest Inspection Report

Our pest inspectors use innovative technology to map your home or the property you’re buying and may give a thorough report within 24 hours. Our professional service allows us to charge competitive fees and provide detailed information.
best pre purchase building inspections geelong

Termatrac T3i Radar Termite Detector

This device uses non-invasive, low-energy microwaves that pass through most building materials to detect and track termite and other insect activity without disturbance, especially in properties that use a lot of wood in Geelong.
the best pre purchase building inspections geelong

Moisture and Humidity Meter

We use the most effective equipment to measure moisture and humidity on your property. The moisture and humidity meter can read the concentrated presence of moisture on various surfaces from walls and floors without ever needing to puncture holes or damage the property.
bestest pre purchase building inspections geelong

FLIR E5 Infrared Camera Thermal Imaging

This device uses undiluted thermal pictures with visible light features that allow our inspector to instantly recognise hidden issues such as leakage, termite nests, and other pest problems.

We Compile A Detailed Report For Your Pre Purchase Home Inspections

Our pre-purchase home inspection reports in Geelong may assist you in avoiding expensive errors and making well-informed and educated decisions. Our detailed report describes everything we discovered, including the poor quality building and repair work that did not satisfy Australian standards.

A comprehensive report documenting major safety hazards, major defects and other issues

Our pre-purchase building inspections report includes all discovered major and minor flaws, structural damage, and pest infestation on time since property acquisitions may be halted until the settlement of the issue.


Home inspections and build handover inspection reports for property purchase

We provide complete home inspections and comprehensive handover inspection reports on Geelong properties. Our reports include all issues found, recommendations, and action plans to solve the problem.

Inspection report detailing termite activity and potentially vulnerable areas

A lot of properties in Geelong use timber. Naturally, properties made from or those that use woods are guaranteed to have a potential pest to target them. The timber pest inspection reports will cover and detail termite activity and locate potentially vulnerable areas.

Recommendations for cost-effective repairs or construction work

All major and minor issues of your property in Geelong are documented in our detailed inspection report, including recommendations for cost-effective repairs or construction works needed.

Conditions report ensuring structure meets relevant Australian standards

Every property in Geelong inspected by an Altez building inspector is guaranteed to receive a highly detailed conditions report, ensuring that the property meets the building code and Australian standards.
the bestest pre purchase building inspections geelong

Our Building Inspection Services Prevent Major and Minor Defects for Your Dream Home

Altez Building Inspections in Geelong can help you avoid potential defects and structural damages through our pre-purchase building inspection. We are an industry leader in building inspection services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a same-day report for your building inspection services?

Our comprehensive inspection takes less than a day to complete. We deliver complete building reports on the same day as your inspection.

Do you offer house inspections outside the Geelong area?

Yes, we do offer house inspections in other suburbs outside Geelong.

Why do I need a building inspector during my property purchase?

Building & Pest inspections completed by a certified Altez building inspector are designed to determine the house’s condition before committing to completion of the purchase. They assist with identifying any issues to be remedied in Geelong properties.

What are some benefits of getting building inspections done for my property?

Building inspections will provide excellent documentation on lease violations or previously undetected damage at your Geelong property. A qualified building inspector will check for tenant damage and assess the property’s overall condition.

What is the difference between a complete building and pest inspection vs a regular house inspection?

A regular house inspection identifies structural damage or issues that could impact the property and cost you money in the future. It does not examine the property for evidence of timber pests, assess any damage caused by pests, report pest infestations, or report the property’s general wear and tear and weathering.

What can I expect from experienced inspectors on my detailed report?

Hiring Altez’s professional inspectors might help you avoid buying a contaminated home and save money. We may also negotiate a reasonable price to include necessary repairs. Your expertise may assist you in navigating your buying choice if serious problems or termite activity are identified.

How can I use my building inspections Geelong report?

You may use them to choose the best course of action to resolve building problems, such as structural faults and other damages.

How will pest inspectors go through my entire property? Do I need to worry about invasive methods?

We start with a visual assessment of the property, taking note of cracks, damage, visible leaks, mould, fittings, broken appliances and lighting, and more. We also determine whether the damage is cosmetic, age-related, structural, or poor workmanship. We only use non-invasive methods to inspect your property.

Can I use my condition reports to settle building disputes?

It depends on the dispute. If the argument is connected to your property, you might be able to use it to settle those disputes as long as you have a contract.

How long will it take for your Geelong inspectors to complete my pre-purchase building and pest inspection report?

A building pest inspection in your Geelong property will take a few hours. Our reports are emailed within 24 hours of the inspection.

I'm a first home buyer. Can you give me some recommendations on any repairs or trades work?

A property inspection by our professional home inspector can uncover issues and provide a complete overview of your property. With this information, you can decide what you want to do next with complete confidence, whether you’ll follow through with the purchase, request repairs, or repair it yourself.

Do you offer property inspections for residential and commercial clients?

Yes, commercial and investment property owners in Geelong may use Altez building inspection services to check their premises.

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