NCAT Building Disputes

Building disputes can be complicated and frustrating. If you need assistance filing a complaint with the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), our experts at Altez Building Inspections are more than happy to assist. We offer comprehensive support for homeowners, traders, or insurers who are dealing with a home building dispute. We will help you achieve the resolution you deserve and assign responsibility to the right party. With our extensive experience, you can count on our cost-effective resolution of disputes with builders in NSW.

Our building disputes NSW inspectors deal with

Incomplete or defective home building works

Homeowners can file an NCAT complaint if their builder has not fulfilled the terms of the building contract. This includes incomplete building work and if there are identified defects in the structure.

Damage and other defective works

A building dispute may also be filed if there are damages and if the materials used and workmanship carried out do not meet the required standard.

Special conditions and specialist works

Homeowners may also file builder complaints in NSW on the basis of special conditions or any specialist work conducted on their property.

Special documents, inspection reports and certifications

At Altez Building Inspections, we understand the complexities of NCAT building disputes and provide expert help in resolving them. Whether you are a homeowner or builder, we have the specialized skills and experience to provide you with the best possible outcome.

When it comes to building disputes in NSW, evidence is a crucial part of the assessment. For this reason, we provide homeowners and builders with a comprehensive range of special documents, inspection reports, and certifications that you can use to settle your NCAT building dispute.

For our expert reports, we are known for providing:

Detailed reports in 48 hours

Altez Building Inspections will conduct a thorough inspection of your home or building and complete our detailed report within 48 hours of the inspection. Our experts use up-to-date technology to collect data on your property to ensure that the report is accurate and comprehensive.
ncat building disputes
ncat building disputes

Complete itemised report of defects and incomplete works

Our expert reports come with a complete itemised list of all defects and incomplete works found on your property. Our experts are experienced in conducting building inspections and have in-depth knowledge of structural and mechanical defects. As such, you can be confident that our report outlines all issues that need to be rectified.

Visual records and responsibilities analysis

Our comprehensive and easy-to-follow report also includes photographs, diagrams, and other visual records to help our experts identify the source of any defects. In addition, we will also offer our recommendations for potential solutions and assign responsibility for each defect.
ncat building disputes
ncat building disputes

When you should consider filing an NCAT complaint

If both parties are unable to come to an agreement as stipulated by the Fair Trading Tribunal of NSW, you may consider taking the next step, which is lodging an NCAT complaint.

Here are the most common reasons for NCAT building disputes:

  • Non-payment for works and services already delivered
  • Building works that do not adhere to specifications in the construction contract
  • Incomplete home building works
  • Poor builder workmanship and defective works
  • Insurance claims

Before submitting a building complaint, you must make sure that you have gathered evidence to support your claim. The evidence must come from a qualified consultant with specialised knowledge and experience when it comes to carrying out inspections, producing Scott Schedules, and meeting other NCAT requirements.

Building disputes NSW Fair Trading

Building disputes can be time-consuming. To make it as efficient for you as possible, here’s what you need to know about the entire process.
You must first register with the Fair Trading Tribunal and make an appointment with their investigator.
The assigned investigator will look into the building dispute and schedule a site inspection with both parties.
After which, the investigator will try to mediate a resolution between the two parties. If both parties fail to come to an agreement, then the matter will be referred to the NCAT for adjudication.
When filing a complaint with the NCAT, you must consider the time limitations. Complaints that involve warranty breaches have a time limit of six years for major defects and two years for minor defects. For complaints involving the supply of goods and services, the time limit is within three years of the contract. Other claims will have a three-year time limit. If you fail to file the complaint within these time limits, the tribunal will not hear your case.
All complaints must have supporting evidence attached. This includes any agreements, contracts, receipts, invoices, Scott Schedules, or other documentation that will help to support your claim. If possible, you should also include any photographs or videos related to the nature of the building dispute.
The next step would be submitting NCAT building disputes and paying the corresponding fees. You will then be contacted for alternate dispute resolution. If no agreement is made, a final hearing will commence.
At Altez Building Inspections, we will be there for you every step of the way. We can help you to prepare your claim and submission, gather supporting evidence, and guide you through alternate dispute resolution or a final hearing. Any questions you may have, we will be more than happy to provide our expert opinion and advice.

Work with our building disputes inspectors today

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