Thermal Pest Inspection

A thermal pest inspection is the best way to protect your home from pests that are often hard to find. If left undetected, the presence of pests can lead to further termite damage and mould growth, which will then compromise the health and safety of your family. Given that pest damage is not covered by insurance, you will have no choice but to pay for costly repairs out of your own pocket.

So if you want to protect your family and home, be proactive and get thermal imaging for pest control!

What is a thermal pest inspection

When it comes to pest infestations, no area of your house is safe – especially if you have observed roof leaks, foundation problems, condensation, recesses, or even strange odours coming from your walls. That is why thermal pest inspections are so important.

A thermal pest inspection is a comprehensive analysis of your property, designed to detect any signs of pests and assess their impact on your home.

How does thermal imaging for pest control work?

A thermal imaging camera uses heath signatures to detect the presence of termites and other pests. The thermal imaging gun will be able to see any moisture or temperature changes in your walls, which would indicate the presence of pests.

The benefits of thermal camera inspection include detecting termites and other pests that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Thermal imaging is also non-invasive so you won’t have to worry about any damage to your property. It also won’t disrupt your daily routine, as the thermal imaging camera can be used from outside your property.

If you think you might have a pest problem, or if you want to be proactive about protecting your home from pests, contact Altez Building Inspections today!

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Our thermal imaging pest control services

Altez Building Inspections is a leading provider of thermal imaging pest control services. We provide our clients with a thorough and reliable inspection of their property to detect any potential pest problems.

Our experienced technicians will utilise thermal imaging technology to detect pests on your property. After the inspection, we will provide a detailed report that gives you an overview of termite activity on your property, as well as document hazards and defects that can be corrected to help prevent future damage from pests. We also utilise our extensive experience to provide you with recommendations on how to repair or correct any issues we may find during the inspection.

At Altez Building Inspections, we know how important it is to maintain a pest-free home. That is why we provide premium thermal image pest control services at competitive prices. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service so that all our clients are satisfied.

Why choose thermal imaging for termites

What makes thermal pest inspection different from traditional methods?
thermal pest inspection

Detecting termites is easy with a thermal camera inspection

A thermal camera inspection is non-invasive. You don’t need to move anything around or disturb potential evidence of termites. You simply point the heat-sensing camera at the area in question and take a picture, giving you fast and reliable results.

The current thermal imaging cameras available today are able to detect very small temperature differences. This allows us to find termites that are hidden behind walls or in other difficult-to-reach places. Our technicians are also proficient in the use of these cameras so they are able to thoroughly and accurately detect thermal inconsistencies that signify potential termite activity.

Top inspectors with the latest thermal imaging technology

Though there are many thermography cameras on the market, you can trust that Altez Building Inspections only uses the most advanced thermal imaging cameras for our inspections. This ensures that we are able to find all potential areas of pest infestation.

Here are some of the technologies we use when conducting thermal pest inspections:

  • Termatrac T3i Radar Termite Detector
  • Moisture and Humidity Metre
  • FLIR E5 Infrared Camera Thermal Imaging
thermal pest inspection

Thermal imaging inspection provides quick solutions

The presence of termites and pests can create irreversible damage to your property in as little as six months. If you have a lot of timber features in your home, it is all the more important to be proactive and have a thermal inspection done as soon as possible.

Our team of professionals at Altez Building Inspections is fully trained and experienced in using the latest thermography cameras. This allows us to quickly identify any potential areas of infestation so that you can take steps to rectify the situation before it gets any worse.

For those in the process of buying property, a thermal imaging inspection can help you make better, informed purchase decisions. You won’t end up buying a termite-infested home, resulting in major financial stress. It also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your new home is pest-free.

thermal pest inspection

How thermal imaging gun and termite detection sensor work

How does a termite detection sensor work? The termite detection sensor uses a small camera and thermal imaging gun that can detect changes in heat temperature. It can also pinpoint the location of moisture inconsistencies that are caused by termite nests.

Termites and other pests can be found in just about any part of your property. A thermal detection sensor allows us to quickly spot areas of infestation so that you can act fast to prevent further damage.


Book a thermal imaging inspection today

A thermal pest inspection is a quick and easy way to find pests in your home before they cause major damage. If you’re looking for a reliable thermal pest inspection service, do not hesitate to reach out to our team at Altez Building Inspections! Call us today at 0499 899 890 or email us at!