Level up Your Building Safety with Thermal Scanning

Experience the unparalleled advantages of thermal scanning with Altez Building Inspections. Leveraging years of experience, our infrared thermal imaging technology provides clear, detailed reports, making us the go-to experts for thermal imaging inspections in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.
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Your Key to Safer Buildings

Thermal scanning utilises infrared thermal imaging to detect temperature variations in buildings. Altez offers this cutting-edge service to identify issues like electrical faults, moisture, and pests, providing clear, detailed thermal imaging reports for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Maximising Accuracy, Minimising Risks

We use the most advanced infrared technology in our thermal scanning services. This enables us to spot issues that traditional inspections may miss. From hidden electrical hazards to concealed moisture problems, our thermal imaging inspections provide you with a complete safety net for your property investment.
thermal imaging inspection

Reasons to Choose Us

Years of Experience

Our seasoned team brings a wealth of knowledge in thermal building inspections, ensuring top-notch service.

Clear, Detailed Reports

Our comprehensive thermal imaging reports make it easier for you to make informed decisions.

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Experts

Whether a thermal termite inspection for a home or a thermography inspection for an industrial site, we’ve got you covered.

Wide Knowledge of Building Regulations and Styles

Stay compliant and stylish with our expert advice on building regulations and architectural styles.

Comprehensive Services

Beyond thermal scanning, we offer Completion Inspections Reports, Building Inspections, Pest and Building Reports, Thermal Imaging Pest Inspection, Strata Reports, and Dilapidation Reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Thermal Scanning differ from traditional inspection methods?

Traditional inspections rely on visual cues and manual checks. In contrast, thermal scanning employs infrared thermal imaging to detect hidden issues like electrical faults, moisture, and pests, offering a more comprehensive view of your property’s condition.

What types of properties benefit most from thermal imaging Inspection?

Thermal imaging inspection is versatile and beneficial for all residential, commercial, and industrial properties. It’s particularly useful for older structures where problems like insulation gaps and electrical issues are more likely.

Is thermal imaging safe for my family and pets?

Absolutely. Thermal imaging is a non-invasive, non-destructive technique that poses no health risks to humans or animals. It’s a safe and efficient way to inspect thermal imaging houses.

How soon can I expect my thermal imaging report?

Our team at Altez Building Inspections prides itself on promptly delivering clear, detailed thermal imaging reports. Typically, you can expect your report within 24 to 48 hours after the inspection.

Do you offer thermal imaging for specialised inspections like termite detection?

We offer thermal termite inspections as part of our comprehensive service range. Thermal imaging effectively detects termite activity, even in its early stages, allowing for timely intervention.

Secure Your Property’s Future with Thermal Imaging

Don’t leave your property’s safety to chance. Choose Altez for state-of-the-art thermal scanning and a range of comprehensive inspection services. With our years of experience and clear, detailed reports, we’re your trusted partner in building safety. Contact us now at 0499 899 890 or admin@altezbuildinginspections.com.au to schedule your inspection.