Termite Inspections

Termite inspections are an important part of maintaining your home, especially if you live in an area with a high risk of termite infestation. Termites can cause significant damage to your property, so it is essential that you are aware of their presence and take steps to protect yourself against them.

What are termite inspections

If you believe that there may be termites present on your property, we recommend getting a termite house inspection right away. But no need to search for “termite inspection near me” because Altez Building Inspections has you covered!

There are several things that can indicate the presence of termites on your property.

  • If there is rotting or decaying wood on your property
  • If you see small piles of sawdust near wood structures on your property
  • If you see translucent insect wings near doors or windows
  • If you see tunnels built into the wood of your property

We are a leading provider of pest and termite inspection in Melbourne. We will conduct a thorough visual inspection of readily accessible areas of the home to identify termites and other wood-destroying organisms. Our experienced termite inspections also utilize non-invasive techniques for detecting more subtle evidence of termite infestation.

After the inspection, we will deliver a comprehensive termite inspection report. You will be informed of the findings and any necessary steps to take in order to eliminate the threat.

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Our comprehensive termite inspection services

Altez Building Inspections offers comprehensive termite inspection services at competitive prices. We have a thorough inspection process to ensure that every inch of your property has been checked for signs of infestation.

On-site assessment - interior and exterior

We conduct an on-site assessment to investigate the property and what needs to be done. This is a full visual inspection of the property that covers both the interior and exterior of the building.

Laser levelling and thermal imaging

Our termite inspectors use specialized detection equipment to detect the presence of termites. This includes laser leveling, which is used to map out the infestation, and thermal imaging, which detects changes in heat signatures to pinpoint the exact location of termites on your property.

Inspection of roof cavities and subfloors

We make sure to inspect the roof cavities and subfloors to look for any signs of termite damage or infestation. This is important because these are the two most common places for termites to nest. The subfloor in particular can tell us how the termites are getting into your property and what kind of damage they may have caused.

Building pest inspections

Our expertise is not only limited to termite infestations. We can also identify the presence of other common household pests, including cockroaches, ants, and spiders.

Risk management

A termite infestation cannot be ignored – if left untreated, it will cause significant and irreparable damage to your property. It is also important to identify the presence of termites if you are undertaking new building work. This is why our team takes a proactive approach to risk management. In compliance with the Building Code of Australia, we can develop a termite management plan that effectively controls and reduces the risk of termite infestation.

Why you need a termite warranty inspection

In Australia, the incidence of termite damage is so widespread that it is now considered to be a very significant threat to the structural integrity of homes and commercial buildings. There is also a sense of urgency, considering that termites can cause structural damage to buildings in a matter of months. Termites can also create health hazards, as they can contaminate food and spread diseases. Unfortunately, there is no house insurance for termite damage so you might be left seriously out of pocket if your home is affected.

If you are buying or selling a property, it is important to have a termite warranty inspection performed by a licensed termite inspector. You won’t want to invest in a property that is infested with termites as it will only bring down your property value and cause you expensive repair bills. If you are selling a property, it is essential to have a termite warranty as this will give buyers confidence that the property is free from termites.

A termite warranty inspection from our team can give you the peace of mind that your property is safe from pests. We use non-invasive methods to inspect your building for signs of termite infestation or damage and ensure that any necessary treatments are carried out. We will also advise you on what steps to take to prevent termites from getting into your property in the future.

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Why choose our pest and termite inspection service

Most homeowners are not aware of the signs of pest and termite damage until it is too late. That is why we have a quick turnaround on our pest and termite inspection services. You can get the results of our inspection on the same day! In your pest and termite inspection report, you will find our detailed findings laid out in a concise, easy-to-follow format.

Our comprehensive coverage ensures that every area of your property is inspected. We will not only identify the presence of pests and termites but also the extent of damage they have created and the risks that are still present.

Best of all, our thorough and reliable inspection services are offered at competitive prices. We want our customers to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their property is free from infestation. If you have specific requests, our qualified inspectors are more than happy to provide personalized advice and recommendations.


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