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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections

"Know what you are paying for"

Pre-purchase is one of our most selling services. We provide pre-purchase inspections for apartments, houses, townhouses and even commercial buildings. Before you purchase, you should at least know what you are paying for. Understanding a building in term of its structural integrity and other major defects, you would be grateful for us for saving you thousands of unexpected costs without a proper inspection.

Making the right choices

Buying a home can be complex and time-consuming. Before you make any decision about which property to buy, you are strongly recommended to do your research to protect your best interest. No one should stress you into quick decision making, especially the real estate agents. 


1. Buying a new home should be a delightful process, never be pressured into making hasty decisions.

2.Take your time, do your homework, shop around and seek consultation.

Strong Recommendation: Before signing a contract of sale, consider engaging an independent qualified building inspector, surveyor or architect to provide a building inspection report.

The fee for a professional inspection service is small compared with the cost of buying a property that needs unforeseen repairs. Almost 30% of purchasers request for a pre-purchase inspection including building and pest inspection before they decide. 


ALTEZ is always ready to serve you with our best services. With more than 3000 houses inspected, we know what our clients want from our services. You'll be amazed by our quality and services.

You can also contact us at 0416 661 260 to make enquiries or bookings.