Pre Purchase Building Inspection Melbourne

Altez Building Inspections provide the best pre purchase building inspection Melbourne! Our inspection services include a top to bottom, detailed inspection, to give you complete peace of mind when purchasing a new home. We understand that buying a home can be a difficult process and emotional, not to mention a huge investment. Which is exactly where we come in. Our expert building inspectors create a comprehensive and easy to understand report full of everything you need to know before buying. We can also provide expert opinions on whether or not you should consider buying the property. For a free quote or sample report, book online or call us now on 0499 899 890. Book your pre purchase inspections Melbourne service today.

A house is a serious investment, whether it's a stepping stone for a new family or the perfect retirement nest for you and your partner. Our services are comprehensive and take a minimum of 24 hours to complete. This involves:

  • Running a complete inspection of the house

  • Making note of all the areas that may be a cause for concern

  • Compiling a detailed report complete with visuals

  • Ensure quick delivery either in person or via email prior to a face-to-face consultation

Many realtors barely take the time to explain the different issues that could be a problem as their goal is simply to offload the property from their roster. These inspections help you find the spots in the house that could either cause problems in the future, or allow you to negotiate a better deal with the seller.

Altez is recognised in Victoria as a qualified pre purchase inspections service. We're constantly learning, keeping ourselves up to date with safety and property standards. Our specialists ensure that they keep track of all things related to property so you don’t have to! If you have any questions about property safety, our qualified and experienced team can definitely help.

Pre-Purchase Inspections Melbourne

Our team of qualified experts provide premium quality service at competitive rates. While our rate does vary based on the size of the property and the stage of construction, we aim to keep costs low by streamlining our processes. We are committed to providing top quality services and making sure that your investment doesn’t come with a loss. Our pre purchase inspections Melbourne service ensures you'll have all the information you need to make the best choices regarding your purchase.

We cover a series of items in our reports to make sure that we don’t miss a thing. Our experts make sure that every corner of your house is covered. It's this attention to detail that has earned us a reputation for excellence and a history of satisfied clients.

Our reports have saved thousands of dollars a year by helping buyers avoid fatal property mistakes! Get a step ahead with our detailed reports and make sure that you make the right decision when purchasing your dream home.

For a free quote or any query you might have, you can give us a call at 0499 899 890 or email us at Let us help you make your next big investment! Call now for a pre purchase building inspection Melbourne.


Making the Right Choices

Buying a home can be complex and time-consuming. Before you make any decision about which property to buy, you are strongly recommended to do your research to protect your best interests. No one should pressure you into quick decision making, especially the real estate agents.

1.Buying a new home should be an enjoyable process. Never be pressured into making hasty decisions.

2.Take your time, do your homework, shop around and seek consultation.

We strongly recommend that you consider engaging an independent qualified building inspector, surveyor or architect to provide a building inspection report before signing a contract of sale. The fee for a professional inspection service is small compared with the cost of buying a property that needs unforeseen repairs. Almost 30% of purchasers request for a pre-purchase inspection including building and pest inspection before they decide.

Know What You Are Paying for With a Pre Purchase Inspection

Pre purchase building inspection Melbourne is one of our most popular services. We provide pre purchase inspections Melbourne for apartments, houses, townhouses and even commercial buildings. Before you purchase, you should at least know what you are paying for. Understanding a building in term of its structural integrity and other major defects, you would be grateful for us for saving you thousands of unexpected costs without a proper inspection.


Book a Pre Purchase Building Inspection Melbourne Today

Altez is always ready to serve you with our best services. With more than 4000 houses inspected, we can provide you with exactly the information you need to know before purchasing. You'll be amazed by our quality and services. Book now to get a complete peace of mind. You can also contact us at 0499 899 890 to make any enquiries or bookings. Get a free quote today.

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