New Home Completion Inspection

New home completion inspection is also known as Practical Completion Inspections (PCI) or final inspections given by the builders to the representative of the new homeowners. Now, if you contract a builder to build for you, you must take note that this is the final inspection opportunity before the handover and making any completion payment. There are many items on the defect lists that may appear to be “insignificant” to the builders but trust me, no one is going to fix it for you once the house is handover to you. Many do not know that under the Domestic Building Contract Act, the builder must ensure that all contracted work has been completed in accordance with all relevant standards before they can demand any completion payment. This is why PCI can be very important as any defects including minor and major ones will be documented in our report. With years of experience, we know how to communicate with your builders and ensure that all contracted items are complete and all defects will be rectified before the settlement.

New home inspections in Melbourne

No matter what the investment is, whether you’re building that house you always wanted for your family or planning a riveting property in an up and coming neighbourhood, Altez is here for you!

We help make property decisions a dream come true. Our inspections come at high recommendation from previous clients who have saved thousands of dollars through our detailed and comprehensive reports.

Every stage of your construction process is kept in check with our expert building inspectors.
The inspections for new homes are conducted in a slightly different order of steps in comparison to a pre purchase inspection.

The assigned building inspector conducts a total of 4 inspections through the entire process of building. These regular checks keeps track of what is happening during the construction to ensure all parts of the building process are taken care of.

Our Inspection Process for New Homes

Inspection 1: Initial Checks

Before any concrete is poured, everything on the site is made sure to be approved and set up according to standards set by the state of Victoria. Our inspectors make sure that everything is setup in accordance to the blueprints

Some of the things checked are :

  • Placement of reinforcements
  • Support materials for the above
  • Secure constructions

It is always essential to have the first inspection to make sure that your plans are headed in the right direction instead of having trouble after the concrete has been poured.

Inspection 2: Frame checks

Once the skeleton of the house has been set up, we come in to ensure the frame is sturdy and complies with all the standards as per construction laws of Victoria.

During this inspection:

  • The concrete layers are checked to make sure there is no exposed steel
  • The floors are checked to see if they are levelled
  • Ensuring that all new construction meet the standards of the requirement

Inspection 3: Pre plastering

In this part of the process the entire house is checked for any problem whatsoever in terms of installation and functioning. At this point most of the faculties are checked. Plumbing and electricity standards are checked to make sure they comply to the standards. The window sills and door frames are also checked to make sure they are fit into required measurements.

Inspection 4: Final Checks

During the final inspection all parts are checked once and for all and checked against safety and Victoria standards. We want to make sure you and your family are moving into a property that is safe and sound. All parts of the house are checked including plumbing and electricity and ensured that fixtures are made correctly.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that every part of your new dream home is perfect. We don’t want to have you worry about all the tiny details when we can do them with ease and expertise.

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