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At Altez, we offer building and pest inspections Melbourne residents can rely on to spot major and minor defects on your new home. Rising humidity, leaks or drainage concerns, crumbling walls, leaky roofs, and pests are common problems discovered during our building inspections. Book our team today for an inspection report and get great service from the best team of inspectors in the building inspection industry.
Melbourne’s real estate market is thriving, and there are plenty of buyers. Building inspections by Altez Building Inspection can help protect you from liability when buying a new home. By identifying damage and defects ahead of time, you can resolve the issues found before reaching settlement.
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Why Choose Building and Pest Inspections Reports from Altez

Both commercial and residential clients have complete confidence in Altez’s building pest inspections reports. With our outstanding service, it’s no wonder we remain an industry leader for house inspections.

Wide variety of building inspection services

Every property in Melbourne that has undergone home inspections by Altez building inspection services is guaranteed to receive a highly detailed report of the minor and major defects and safety hazards in the property’s structure. Our professional inspectors also include cost-effective recommendations on possible solutions and rectifications.

Non-invasive pest inspections

Altez offers timber pest inspections in Melbourne and other inspection services. We guarantee that if termites are present on your property in Melbourne, our building inspectors will identify them quickly without ever disturbing the structure of your home.

Complete building and pest reports with a fast turnaround

Altez guarantees a quick turnaround to meet your timeline. When you need to know everything about your options to make a fully informed decision and finalise a purchase, there’s no better team of inspectors than ours to conduct your pre-purchase inspection on short notice.

Melbourne building inspections for homes and investment properties

If you’re building a home or investment property in Melbourne, our team can check and sign off on each build stage. We’re dedicated to your needs and will ensure you get the quality you’ve paid for.

Our Building Inspectors Use the Latest Technology for Our Pest Inspection Report

As professionals, we use the latest pest detection technology to quickly detect and map out termite paths, nests and identify other pests. These tools are included in our pest and house inspections Melbourne service.
radar termite detector

Termatrac T3i Radar Termite Detector

This device is used in our timber pest inspections and uses non-invasive, low-energy microwaves that pass through most building materials to detect termite activity. The high-frequency low radar emissions allow the operator to locate and track termite and other insect activity without disrupting the walls and foundations of your home. This comes especially useful in properties that use a lot of wood in Melbourne.
moisture and humidity meter

Moisture and Humidity Metre

Our state-of-the-art moisture and humidity metre allows our inspectors to identify potentially vulnerable areas where pests may build their nests. This helps you not to only address current issues but prevent future pest infestations in the long run.
infrared camera

FLIR E5 Infrared Camera Thermal Imaging

This device uses undiluted thermal pictures with visible light features that allow our inspector to instantly recognise hidden issues such as leakage, termite nests, and other pest problems, making it the best diagnostic tool for troubleshooting unforeseen building problems.

We Create an Actionable Comprehensive Property Inspection Report

Our building and pest inspection reports can assist you in avoiding costly repairs and maintenance. Our detailed report describes everything we discovered, including the poor construction work that does not satisfy Australian standards.

Documentation of major defects, structural issues and minor defect

All significant defects in your property in Melbourne are documented to allow you to identify them quickly. It will enable you to determine the severity of these damages and make plans to effectively repair them.

Report on timber pests, potential pest areas and signs of termite activity

A lot of properties in Melbourne use timber, which puts them at higher risk for pest problems. Our timber pest inspection reports will cover these potentially vulnerable areas with recommendations on possible pest control actions.

Conditions report to meet local building code and Australian building standards

You will receive a highly detailed, easy-to-understand report of the issues in the property’s structure, ensuring that your construction meets the building code and Australian standards.

Documentation of finished construction works and building materials quality

Our building inspections Melbourne service can check for leaks, asbestos, plumbing, electrical fittings and more. When you enlist a professional building inspector to write your inspection report, you’ll have detailed documentation of finished construction works and building materials quality as well as various analyses and recommendations on any actions that should be taken.

Recommendations for rectification work on structural defects and structural damage

We always ensure the recommended rectifications, repairs and trades works included in the report are suitable for the particular needs of your property and cost-effective to carry out.

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Our Building Inspection Report Allows You To Prevent Major Safety Hazards For Your Home

Altez Building Inspections can help you avoid potential defects and structural damages through our building inspection report. We are an industry leader in building inspection services so you never have to worry about the quality of our service. Get a quote on your inspection today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a building and pest inspection for my property?

Building pest inspections are designed to determine the house’s condition before you commit to the sale of the property. You can identify potential defects and areas of damage or risk to negotiate better terms or back out of the sale if rectification works aren’t feasible.

How long will it take for Altez building inspectors to complete my pest inspection?

A building pest inspection usually takes less than a day. While you can be present, our professionals are fully capable of conducting them independently and providing you with the information you need on short notice.

What are the benefits of enlisting pre-purchase building inspections?

Our skilled building inspectors provide a detailed and easy-to-understand report that includes everything you need to know before purchasing. We can also give professional advice on whether or not you should acquire the home.

Why should I hire a building inspector for pre-purchase inspections, not only real estate agents?

Our professional building inspectors in Melbourne can give you a detailed building report which is often the standard because they are trained to spot building defects and recommend the right alternatives for repairs and rectifications. The job of real estate agents is to sell the properties; they are not qualified to inspect them.

Do your building inspectors offer building inspection services for investment properties?

Yes, we do. We offer pre-purchase inspections, pest inspections and handover inspections for commercial and investment property owners in Melbourne.

When should I schedule my pre-purchase property inspection?

You can schedule your pre-purchase property inspection before making a formal offer (or, if the property is going to auction, before the specified day) or during the cooling-off period given after exchanging contracts.

What equipment will your pest inspectors use on my home?

We use the latest technology in our inspections, such as the Termatrac T3i Radar Termite Detector, Moisture and Humidity Metre, and FLIR E5 Infrared Camera Thermal Imaging.

How much do property inspections cost?

We offer competitive rates for our inspection services. Call us for a free estimate, we’re always happy to give you a free quote and schedule your inspection.

Can you access my sub-floor and roof areas during my house inspection?

Yes, we can. Home inspectors look at the exterior and interior parts of the home, including but not limited to electrical, plumbing, roofing, HVAC, and foundations.

Will your professional report be legally enforceable when settling a building dispute?

Yes, you can use your reports to legally settle a building dispute. We support our findings with relevant evidence to help you negotiate or litigate should you be unable to reach settlement.

Do you offer building inspections in Melbourne for commercial properties?

Yes, Altez Building Inspection offers property inspections for commercial and investment property owners in Melbourne. If you’re a business owner looking for a new commercial space for your premises, we can help you determine if the property in question is worth the asking price through our inspection services.

Book Your Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Melbourne Service Online

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