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When it comes to building defects in Victoria, there are strict timeframes that apply for taking legal action. This is known as the building defects liability period under Section 137B of the Building Act of 1993. It is outlined that an owner-builder defect report must be performed by a qualified person. Altez Building Inspections is a leading provider of building inspections. We ensure new house defects are identified and dealt with from the outset.

Why your property needs a detailed building defects report

A building defects report is a document that outlines any defects or issues with a property that may affect its structural integrity or safety. This document is a requirement under the Building Act of 1993 and failure to comply will result in the property owner being unable to obtain a final occupancy permit. You may also be fined up to $12,000.

Section 137B report is important for two main reasons:

  • It ensures that all work done on the property complies with the Building Code of Australia. It protects the property owner from any legal action that may be taken by the builder or developer if there are any defects or issues with the property.
  • The building defects report is required if you want to make use of the Owner Builders Warranty Insurance. These give potential buyers peace of mind when considering your property. Without the report, they can pull out of the sale agreement without incurring any penalties. Insurance is also important because it will protect the property owner from financial losses resulting from building defects.

Altez Building Inspections also caters to property owners who may need a building defects report for special purposes, such as for legal disputes and end of warranty claims.

If you are an owner builder, it is important to get a building defects report within 6.5 years of building completion. This is in compliance with the regulations for building defects in Victoria. Section 137B. Owner Builder Warranty Insurance is also required for building works exceeding the value of $16,000.

Altez Building Inspections has the experience and expertise to help you with all your building defects report needs. Our building defect inspections will ensure that you are fully compliant with all the legal requirements in Victoria.

building defects report

Our 137B owner-builder defects report includes

At Altez Building Inspections, we provide property owners with a comprehensive builder defect report that meets the requirements of Section 137B of the Building Act 1993. Dealing with building defects can be stressful and time-consuming, that is why we make sure that our report is as detailed as possible.

Here is what you can expect from us:

Images of defects needing attention

Description of the defects and their probable impact

Summary to emphasise the most important issues

An HTML and/or PDF version

building defects report

The importance of getting your defect inspection report

A defects report is essential for establishing who is responsible for defective, incomplete, or substandard work in your building, as well as for providing a detailed overview of the defects and their impact.

For owner-builders, this document serves as proof that you have fulfilled your legal obligations as a builder and allows you to avoid costly mistakes when managing the construction process. Meanwhile, for homebuyers, the defects report is an assurance that the construction of the property has been carried out to a high standard, helping you avoid costly repairs. And so, when it comes to building dispute resolution, it is easy to determine liability and who is responsible for the defect.

No matter what your reasons are for getting a building defects report, Altez Building Inspections will be able to cater to your specific needs. Our comprehensive defect inspection report will be tailored to suit the unique requirements of your situation, whether it means identifying damage to existing structures or clarifying who is responsible for costs. We will assist you throughout the entire process, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Why work with experts from Altez Building Inspections

Our team at Altez Building Inspections has the qualifications and experience needed to conduct a thorough building defect report. We believe in being transparent and will always accommodate your requests, ensuring that you are satisfied with the final result of our work.

Structural engineering experts

As structural engineering experts, you can trust that our findings will be accurate and reliable. We are fully adept in all the latest technologies and processes needed to provide the highest level of service possible.

Itemised report of defects and incomplete construction

In our building defects report, we itemise each defect, incomplete construction, or structural issue found on the property. Our findings are easy to understand so you can quickly identify any problematic areas of your property.

Easy to understand reports in 48 hours of your call

We work quickly and efficiently so that you can get your building defects report in just 48 hours!

Information and photographs of defects

We provide detailed information and photographs for a comprehensive view of your building’s condition, specifically on the defects that may be present. Our photos and diagrams will help you understand the existing problems in more detail.

Personalised cost-effective reports

Our cost-effective prices make it easier for clients to purchase building defect reports that are tailored to their needs.

Analysis for remedial works

Our 137b owner-builder defects report also includes recommendations for rectification works. Our experts will provide guidance on how you can resolve the defects at cost-effective prices.

Get your building defects report today

When it comes to building defects in Victoria, it is always better to err on the side of caution. Getting a detailed building defect report today will save you a lot of money down the line. If you want to get started on rectifying the defects in your home, schedule an appointment with our qualified defect inspectors today! You may call us at 0499 899 890 or email us at!