ALTEZ is a national provider of building and pest inspections, building stage superintendent services, new homebuying coaching services, dilapidations, disputes documents for the council and VCAT. Our team are highly experienced in building and pest inspections, building stage inspections and other services. With more than 3000 houses in Victoria inspected by our team, we have successfully helped numerous amount of clients to achieve their objectives and purposes with our inspection and report services. 

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At Altez, we have successfully helped thousands of new homebuyers to protect their best interest. We are the most recommended inspection company as we provide honest and solid reviews on the property you are interested, assisting you in next purchase or settlement process, and to give you the critical knowledge and advises to get the best result on your real estate investment.

Our primary focus is to provide friendly, knowledgeable and experienced professionals service. With a team consists of builders background, building surveyor background, civil engineering background, and pest inspections knowledge, our goal is to safeguard your best interests.

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"With more than 3000 houses inspected by us, we can proudly say that we should definitely be on your top option lists for your best interest. "

I have personally invested a lot of my resources to master the art of building and pest inspections. I personally handpicked and trained my own inspectors and ensure they know what they are doing. I have indubitably the most detailed report as through our inspection report, you can literally visualise every accessible area of the buildings because of our attention to every single detail. I have invested a lot in our technological gadget to assist us in every single inspection we are assigned for. Our price is definitely the most reasonable and we offer so much more. 

Have you ever seen some inspectors at work who only spent 20 minutes to inspect the building and to come up with a report that contains not more than 30 pages? The biggest product advantage we have is our report which records hundreds of photo of the property we inspected and the attention to details. We inspect hundreds of item on the property including the structural integrity, moisture conditioning, waterproofing, appliances, lightings, drainage, sub-floor area, roof void, exterior roof, gutter, pest damage and many hidden things that no other inspectors can pick up without using our technological tools like Thermal Imaging Sensor, Laser levelling, Moisture detecter and others. 

Know what you are paying for. Ask your inspectors what do they include in their inspection service and if any types of equipment will be used during their inspections as I have received plenty of complaints on other inspectors and I have to inspect a building that is already inspected by other big companies.


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